What’s Derailing You From Achieving Your Goal?

So things seem to be going well now that you’ve got your goals listed and all the details specified. Are you home free? Does this mean that you will automatically achieve your goals? The short answer is no. There are several other steps (actions) you have to take to ensure that the Universe will bring you your goal. Action is always key in accomplishing anything. What is it, though, that will derail you the fastest? It’s not the Universe. It’s everyday things that you can counter – if you’re aware of them. There’s people, the media and of course, yourself. We’ve already talked about yourself but I’ll go over that briefly again today before I tell you about the other factors that most commonly will try to derail you.

You have to commit to achieving your goals. That is one of the main reasons you have to spend sufficient time making sure that these really are your own goals and not those of others in your life (past or present) followed by specifying each goal down to the tiniest detail. Expending the energy and thought required to do that will help you embrace those goals that really are yours. Then you have to “own” your goal and you do that through various methods previously discussed in other articles. Basically the easiest way to own your goal is to create your own movie with you receiving this goal. Then you play the movie over and over, modifying it where and when necessary.

So how can you derail yourself? If you don’t hold fast and focus on your goal (and your movie) and realize that the Universe will bring you what you think about the most, you are liable to send mixed messages to the Universe and you won’t receive results because you have been waffling back and forth between this and that. If you allow yourself to question whether you’re really going to get what you want, that sends negative vibrations to the Universe and if you fluctuate or question your goal or if it’s going to work, then you send out negative energy and the Universe might actually bring what it is you are focusing on – the negative. That is why we recommend you keep busy journaling and discovering so much about yourself especially during the first month. Always remember that that Universe brings you what you think about the most – what you focus on the most. So, don’t derail yourself.

Another very common way you get derailed is through other people. Other people are necessities in life but they may also be your nemesis during your primary “seeding” process (the first 33 days of this process). One of the reasons they are so dangerous is that their effect may be subtle. You’ve been around these folks almost all your life in the case of family and friends and for a long time, perhaps, in the case of work colleagues. As with anything else that you’ve been subjected to for a long time, you don’t even realize what’s happening. Their negative effects bombard you every single day in so many ways. You have to pay attention to what is being said around you and then you have to put up a shield to keep the negative words from impacting your subconscious. You have to say “that is not my truth” over and over again. People are negative or say things that are “phrases” that are used over and over and people don’t even realize their meaning. Do you say “I’m sick and tired of my commute”? or “I’m sick and tired of xxxx” – what you are telling your subconscious is that you’re sick and your tired so your subconscious brings you what you’ve asked for. The action required to prevent this is constant attention and awareness and then use of “that is not my truth” so that you deny this and tell your subconscious not to accept it.

The media, which is all around us, can derail you if you’re not aware. Pay attention to the TV or radio news as well as the printed media so you can see there is rarely any good news reported. It’s all about this conflict, war, fight, murder, robbery, crime, etc. If you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve talked about with negative thoughts, you’ll see how that will adversely influence your subconscious mind. I rarely watch the news. People around me will tell me if there’s something major I need to know about – believe me they talk about these things all day long with their various opinions. You especially don’t want to watch the late night news just before you go to bed. That fills your subconscious with the negative thoughts and feelings all throughout the night – one of the prime times your subconscious can go to work for you – one reason we have you play your video at night. It would be better if you spent the time you would normally be watching the news writing in your journal, chronically what you learned about yourself that day and expressing gratitude for every wonderful thing that happened in your life.

There’s a lot to absorb here but it’s all fundamental in keeping you on the right track toward achieving your goal and keeping you on the path to success. If you want more guidelines and in depth material for changing your life in a wonderfully positive way, check out The Art of Making Things Happen

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