What Matters Most?

iStock_000014201661Small I was in Whole Foods yesterday looking to get my lunch – I’m a creature of habit so my lunch is always a salad and chicken.  I go to the salad bar first and then to another section to get the hot chicken. Easy, right? How much more simple can it get?

But lately there must have been a change in the management or something because the selections have changed (not to my liking, of course) and frequently they don’t have chicken.

Well, yesterday was a double whammy – there was no spinach so I put the other components in the box, knowing I had plenty of spinach at home and could use that. Things were not so bad at that point. I headed off to the “smoked” bar (no, not that kind of bar) and on the way I wanted to get some more protein powder but they didn’t have the size that I wanted so I didn’t get that. By the time I got to where the chicken should have been I was already bummed out. Then I found out I was too early for the chicken (if they even had it that day) because only one item was out on the display. So, my whole day was ruined – wasn’t it?

It could have been “ruined” if I’d let it. And I was starting to let it get to me. But then I went to get my weekly supply of Salmon jerky and one of the guys who is so pleasant waited on me and we talked a bit so my disappointment was a bit further back in my mind.  Then I headed to the checkout line.

It was a bit busy so I scanned the checkers (I have my favorites – going to Whole Foods is like a ritual for me – stop laughing). I didn’t see anyone I knew so I decided on the lane closest to the door. But as I was walking toward it, I heard “Terrie, I’m open”. I looked up and it was one of my favorite people (she’s a runner too). We had a great conversation, as usual, and laughed a lot. It was fun and uplifting. Contact with these folks is great. Some of them have even become friends.

I left Whole Foods feeling great!

Much different than I was feeling just a few minutes prior. Why?

What matters most? Whether or not a certain object or food was in stock and available OR interaction with a human being – where you might learn something about someone or you might even cheer them up and make them happy? Which lasts longer? The object? The feeling you get from being with others? Of course it’s the feeling and emotions you have when you interact with others. The food is just that, food. It will be ingested and be gone. Same if it were an object.

So next time you’re feeling disappointed by something, examine what it is that’s disappointed you and go find someone to interact with (email, phone, text, talk – just be with a living being) and be grateful for their being in your life and bringing you love, joy, satisfaction. See how long the feelings last and how you feel all day long. I bet it will be alot longer than if they had the “object” you were initially disappointed in.

Always ask “What matters most?”



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