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So what happens now?  I realize we’ve covered a very large amount of information in just 5 days and I really don’t expect you to do a thorough job in those 5-6 days but I wanted to provide you the basis for determining your goals no matter where you are in the process. You really have to start at the beginning and not skip a step. If you do, you’re liable to end up with:

1) “Goals” that really aren’t your own but perhaps those of others in your past or even present (parents, teachers, spouse, friends, boss, etc)

2) “Failure” – meaning you didn’t achieve the goal you wrote down. The reasons that might have been the result are:

  • You weren’t specific about the actual result. I know that’s happened to me when I try to manifest a car. I can’t make up my mind as to the one I really want so my mind (and as a result, the Universe) bounces back and forth and can’t produce anything because I can’t settle on something and focus my energy and attention on it.
  • You  “outlined” –  you told the Universe how to bring you what you wanted. Example – you said you wanted to have $20,000 so you could buy a new car. What you really want is a new car but you told the Universe that you had to get that car by buying it yourself. That sets up a whole new set of conditions that the Universe has to work with. It has to figure out how to get you that $20,000 even though you haven’t really set an increase in income as a goal. And it’s possible that if the Universe did start increasing your income gradually, you’d end up using it for something else and not even realize that this was for the car.  When you simply state that you want such and such a car (and are specific about it), that’s all the Universe has to do – find some way to get you that car. Perhaps you’ll get it as a gift, perhaps someone will want you to use it while they are stationed overseas, perhaps you’ll get it as an inheritance, perhaps there will be a deal on leasing that you never considered but now can’t pass up. There are a myriad of ways the Universe can bring you what you ask for if you let it. Don’t interfere.
  • Your goals were not believable (or attainable). Remember that your subconscious mind has to embrace what you’re asking for in order to communicate it to the Universe. So, use percentages and frequently increase your goals. Don’t go for the big one right away. Example – I want to run another marathon. But I can’t just go out tomorrow and do that. It’s been 11 years since I ran one so I have to build back up. I have to make goals that are small and believable along the way. But because I am focused and can achieve most of the early goals fairly easily, I simply revisit where I am with  each goal and then change it appropriately – or perhaps I have to leave it where it is until I improve more. Remember, this isn’t just ONE set of goals for an entire year. You’re going to revisit them frequently. So start with what you think your subconscious mind will embrace.
  • You did not recognize and then clear your limiting beliefs.  This is the most likely thing holding you back. It’s hard to identify those beliefs that have been so ingrained in you by so many people and for so long. They are a part of you. To first identify them is like asking you to strip pieces of your body off when everything is so integrated. It’s all part of you. These beliefs are the same. They are a part of you. They are what you have operated by all these years. They just come naturally so to speak. How do you separate them out when they have been a part of your being for so long. I’ve given you the “but” method which I think will work fine for you. But then once you’ve identified them, I’m asking you to rid yourself of them. That’s like shedding your clothes and leaving you naked. How can I possibly be asking you to do that? Well, if you’re happy with your results up to this point in your life, then you don’t have to do this. But I don’t think you’d be coming up with some of these goals if you were completely happy. Why don’t you have them already? Could it be because of these belief systems you have? If so, ask yourself whether you want to continue to believe those things and stay in the quagmire you’re in right now. If you aren’t satisfied and want a better life, then you need to get rid of those beliefs. But don’t despair. You won’t be left empty – you’ll be replacing them with belief systems that you choose and want to accept.
  • You set time limits for your goals and they didn’t happen in that period of time. That’s a form of outlining. Allow things to happen as they are supposed to and make sure you are keeping track of what’s happening. Use The Gratitude Journal to chronicle what you’ve achieved. If you don’t, you’ll forget the great gifts and achievements you’ve received along the way. Then you’ll think that you didn’t succeed. One look back at the Gratitude Journal (or any journal for that matter) will let you know that you’ve had many gifts bestowed on you.
  • You forgot to express gratitude as you went along. And actually, you should be saying your thanks as soon as you have your list made. For once you’ve declared it yours it IS yours. So be thankful. Gratitude has such a phenomenal vibration that makes the Universe work even more rapidly to bring you what you want. Often the one missing ingredient in success is the absence of gratitude.

So, in a month you need to be reassessing where you are and revising your goals. Always follow this process though. Do NOT skip any steps. Record your successes and your changes. Journals, whether bound or electronic, are a vital part of your growth.

Best of luck!


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