“What Would ________ Do?”

what wuold x do 2Have you seen the wrist bands with the letters WWJD? I didn’t know what that was but Anne told me it stood for “What Would Jesus Do?” The young man who had it on his wrist appeared to want to live a wholesome life and was working hard to make a living. I am certain that Jesus was a great inspiration for him.

I thought about this for quite awhile and realized that everyone could use this concept, regardless of their religious beliefs. You just fill in someone else’s name for Jesus in the phrase “What Would _____ Do?”

The person whose name you use could be someone famous, alive or dead, or someone who has had a personal influence on your life (alive or dead too). And the neat part about this strategy is that you can use different people for different situations. I might have a hero ultra runner about whom I would think when I’m in a tough period of a race. But when live is providing some challenges for me, I might draw upon another person – when I need courage I know two people who I think are my heroes – they have both been enduring treatment for cancer this past year and I know they have much more courage than I do. So, when I think I want to give up on something or can’t go on, then one of their names always pops into my head and I say “What would Sally do?” (Name changed to protect their anonymity). Another person whom I admire is the woman who is choosing when to end her life rather than suffering the pain and humility of death from a brain tumor (a horribly painful condition). She has also chosen to speak out to help raise awareness in hopes to help others in similar situations. That is amazing when you consider many others on their last part of the journey would be very selfish and think only about what would make them happy.

I also admire the young girl who is dying also I believe of a brain tumor and wanted to fulfill her dream of playing in a basketball game. She came to practice every day and thanks to the support of everyone she was able to accomplish that goal with about only 2 weeks left in her life. Despite the pain and fatigue she kept showing up and being part of the team. Can you imagine what toughness that girl has? I only wish I had a tiny bit of her courage and strength.

Give this some thought and come up with someone (or several someones) who have inspired you and who has qualities you wish you had. Insert that person’s name in the “What would ____ Do?” and call upon their memory whenever you need some help.

Who’s on your wrist?


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