What You “Feel” Is What You Get

what you feel is what you getThis may be more profound than you realize.

I could have used “You are What you Feel” but everyone is using that take-off – “You are what you eat”, “You are what you think”, “You are what you wear”, etc, etc.

But there is so much truth in “What You Feel is What You Get”. Every week I’m talking about feelings, vibrations, beliefs, materializations, manifestations and the Law of Attraction.  And it’s not because I have nothing else to write about (of course I could write about running..ha ha).

I proved this saying to myself a couple of weeks ago when things weren’t going great at work, no matter what technique I tried. When I finally stopped and looked at the whole thing I made myself finally admit that what I was feeling was what was making me miserable and that I was the cause of my own problems. It’s amazing how often you have to be reminded of these basic principles. And I write about them all the time. It shows how wrapped up in yourself and your environment you can get without realizing that you are creating it. In actuality I knew I had created it – I learned long ago to fess up to that. But I don’t think I knew how I was creating it and all the little parts. You can do well at one or two parts but then if there are many other parts, the whole will still be in a place where you’re not happy (even if little pieces are doing better).

So what did I do? I told myself that I wanted to be happy and that the only way that was going to happen was for me to change ME, not them. So, I did. I stopped having to be front and center and have people pay attention to me and concentrated on whatever I was doing and what I was responsible for. When I concentrated on that and stopped feeling deprived, then things dramatically changed. I did have help understanding the framework of the environment and that helped immensely. But the most important aspect of what I did was to concentrate on what I wanted to feel – shall I say that again – what/how I wanted to FEEL!!! I also made sure that just before I fell asleep, I FELT what I wanted to feel – happy, healthy, successful. I focused on that for the few minutes it takes me to go to sleep.

Once I realized that if I spent time trying to make others happy, then I would feel better too. So I started each day with that small goal. To make others feel good and be calm in dealing with them. It ended up causing me to be less stressed and enjoy “the moment” as they say.

It really is all about how you feel and how you want to feel. If you decide you want to feel good, then you will find the way to feel good. I did also use my two favorite quotes “Everything always works out for me” and “Nothing and nobody can interfere with my happiness, health and peace of mind”. Remembering to say those two affirmations when I started to go to another vibration immediately brought me back to my daily goal (to feel good and have a good time at work). The sayings allowed me to refocus and not have the vibration spin way out of control. It was easy to put the brakes on and move back to the good vibration.

How do you want to feel? Start imagining yourself as feeling that way especially before you go to sleep at night. That is important because it will stick with you all night and work like magic in your sleep.

You can do it!


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