What You Give Out Is What You Get Back

BoomerangWhat a delightful day today was. Every month for the past 10 years I’ve had a pest service. San Antonio is one buggy place and bugs are NOT my favorite living beings.

I’ve had the pleasure of having three different guys service my property over this period of time. The first guy was very knowledgeable but unbelievably negative. I got to the point where I dreaded the day the pest man came to my house every month. Even when I tried to avoid discussing anything with him, he would follow me around telling me his troubles and woes. I even did something I don’t normally do. I gave him one of my “As a Man Thinketh” books and talked to him about it. It was like talking to my Siberian Husky though. She was as stubborn as this man was.

Finally after about 7 or 8 years he left the company and went to another job. At that point I got to know one of the sons of the manager. Nick was such a joy and was always happy and pleasant and full of life and joy, no matter what happened. It was terrific and I looked forward to his visit every month. But, Nick wanted to serve so he joined the Army about 7 months ago.

Next on the list was his older brother Andrew, another charming reflection of his dad.  Nick, Andrew and their dad are wonderful people and always joyful no matter what else might be going on in their lives. I am honored to know them.

Today Nick graduated from his school in the Army and will be going to Ft Hood (near home). Andrew was more talkative than ever and it was such a refreshing experience chatting with him. He told me how he always meant to serve the people whose houses he visited. That he looked on his job as one that was to make folks feel good, not for him to make a million dollars. He talked about all the things he had taught his little brother, Nick and had tried to show him what was important in life to look at. As he talked, I noticed that he kept referring to what people “do” or what they “are”, never about what they “had”. That is the mark of a true human being – even at his young age, he recognized that the important thing in life is what’s inside a person and what you reflect outwards to try to help other people, NOT what you achieve.

Even though he didn’t know it, he was emanating an extremely high vibration and was on those high flying discs (his momentum was phenomenal and as he talked, you could actually see the 68 second rule in action – even without him knowing it). He smiled, was animated and kept talking about the good he could do other people just by being friendly and looking to extract the good about any circumstance that you run into. We then talked about Russell H. Conwell’s “Acres of Diamonds” – a man was very happy and content with what he had until he learned of the existence of something called a diamond. At that point, the man became despondent and felt poor – although nothing had actually changed in his life. He wanted to be “rich” by finding diamonds. So he left his home and his family in search of richness (diamonds), only to never find any and subsequently ended his life.  The man who took over his property was digging in the ground one day and found a diamond  – right under his nose. This turned out to be the most proliferative diamond mind ever. Riches were right under this other man’s nose – right there for him to look at. Don’t look elsewhere. Find the gold and riches in your life as it is right now.

One way you do that is by giving out what you wish to receive. But don’t give out joy and pleasure “just so” you can get it back. You have to blossom with happiness, goodness and joy for the sake of those qualities and what they will do for another person. If you make it your goal to serve others and treat them well, you will have it made in life. Think about just saying hi to someone, just smiling, just waving to people even if you don’t know them. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life that you might be helping them. You might even save them from ending their life if they realize that there are people out there that care. Can you imagine how wonderful that would be?

Make your vibration and your momentum be a boomerang. Send forth goodness and it will definitely return to you.

What good thing, no matter how small, can you do today? Tell us about it in the comment box below. What gold is in your life that is covered up? What can you find in your own backyard? Look where you are and love where you are!

If you need anything, just let us know, too.


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