What's Behind Your Resistance To Tithing

What’s Behind Your Resistance To Tithing?

Even though in ancient times, tithing was a part of life and was ingrained as the first thing to consider in someone’s life. However, in modern times, people have sometimes have a psychological block against tithing. This is probably because the church leaders have tended to emphasize what tithing will do for the church, instead of what it will do for the tither.

Look up tithing promises in the Bible (e.g. Malachi 3:10). You’ll discover that the Bible assures you that it is the individual that will be prospered, protected and blessed through tithing. It really is all about the tither, not the recipient of the tithe.

Most people have not been taught that tithing is a dynamic personal prosperity method. Once you look at that and not as a “burden” or a responsibility inflicted on you by the church, your prosperity will flourish.

One man and his wife in Texas learned this success principle when the man was out of work and had several children and his wife to take care of. They only had $50 left but they decided as an act of faith to write out their tithe check for $5.00.

Almost immediately he found a position with an engineering firm.  They continued to tithe over the next few years and amazingly his career turned to the oil business. New opportunities presented themselves in abundance. In less than ten years they went from their “last dollar” to a net worth of well over one million dollars.

Another man in Montana reported: “I had been practicing all the laws of prosperity – except total tithing. I had felt I could not spare that much. But from my recent studies, I realized I could not afford NOT to give God His full tenth of everything I received, if I wished to permanently prosper. Since I have done this, I have been blessed far more than I could have ever thought possible.”

Look around you – if you have friends or acquaintance that are completely/totally prosperous ask them if they tithe. Are there others you know who do NOT tithe – look at the various areas of their lives. It’s important for you to overcome any resistance you may have to tithing. Perhaps it’s been this “obligation” as opposed to being something you choose to do.

Look at your limiting beliefs. Is resistance to tithing based on a limiting belief!


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