What’s Important In Life?

Ask Yourself That Question Every Morning.....

doing whats importantEach day soon after you get up (or even while you’re still in bed), ask yourself this question “What’s important in life?” Whatever the answer is, you should then live that day with that one goal in mind.

This doesn’t mean you will only accomplish one thing that day. It means that your thoughts and actions will be aimed in that direction.

For instance, if you decide that what’s important is love, then all your “work” that day would revolve around love. At work if there are people who normally make you mad or aggravate you, look at them with love no matter what they do or say. You don’t have to do anything different externally. This is usually more powerful if you are experiencing it internally. Of course, these thoughts of love toward those people will most likely change your interaction with them. Your day will change. I guarantee it. And the more you do it, the better your workplace will be and the more you’ll enjoy it.

If traffic bothers you and you have decided that love is what’s important, put out thoughts of love to those in cars around you. Maybe that person who just cut you off is having a really bad day or maybe they are trying to get home quickly because of family problems. Even though you don’t know them, you can still profess love for them and remember to always “declare it good” (as an aside, I did that on my flight yesterday when I realized there were a million kids on the plane and lo and behold I got the most well behaved little girl sitting next to me). Traffic will ease. Try this with traffic lights too and see how you respond. Express love for that red light and be grateful for the safety features it provides.

Perhaps you have decided this morning that understanding is what’s important. Then you’ll go through the day aiming to understand everyone and everything in your surroundings. Start with yourself though – aim to understand what you are doing and why.

If you find yourself saying something like “making money” is important, you might want to examine that and see if it’s really important. If you still conclude that it is, then ask yourself why it’s important. It might be that you need to make the money because things are tight and you want to make sure that you’re able to take care of your family, etc.

The whole point of this is to examine your beliefs and live to them. We have to break them down into daily tasks or we most likely won’t do anything about them. It does no good to proclaim that you want to love everyone but then go and yell or get frustrated because of x, y, or z.

Live to what’s important and do it today. Tomorrow may be too late.


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