What’s In Your Mirror?

256916353712336198_lmDCULr4_bThis probably should have been titled “Who’s in your mirror?” but I wanted to follow the trend of “What’s in your wallet” so humor me.

It’s so important for us to be able to see ourselves as we really are. And by this I mean beyond the external looks. So many people are hung up on their weight or the way their noses or mouths or any other body part looks.  Be honest with yourself right now – what are your thoughts when you look in the mirror? Do you thank the Universe for your  body? I would bet that the majority of you will say “no” if you’re honest with yourselves.

Why not? Why don’t we express our thanks for the wonderful vehicle our souls and minds get to move around in? Because of society and the mass compulsion (in the U.S. anyway) with looking a certain way, weighing a certain weight, having a certain color of hair etc. When people talk about what’s attractive, these physical characteristics are what’s mentioned first and I imagine figure predominantly in most people’s thoughts.

I’ve always said that we’d be much more tolerant and more of a loving population if everyone were blind. Then you couldn’t make your judgments based on the way something looks.

Can you practice “looking” at people beyond their exterior? Think about people you meet and ask yourself if you’ve already made a judgment because of their weight, their features, the way they dress etc.  If you have made a judgment of that nature, revisit that opinion and see if you can change it based on something else.  I had an experience a month ago while waiting for a doctor’s appointment in a crowded waiting room. I asked if I could sit down next to this woman who was overweight but as soon as she smiled, it was as if she could mesmerize the entire room – it was such a magnetic smile that I will NEVER forget it. It’s that type of characteristic that I want you all to find in everyone you meet – even if it’s for just a day, or maybe just an hour. Are you willing to try that?

I’ve been at a conference all week and I have practiced this technique. I look at everyone who comes into my field of vision and I look for a smile, a turn of the head, a word, the depth of the eyes..anything other than their external appearances. It’s been a wonderful experience.

The other thing you should practice at least once a day is to thank God (the Universe, Buddha, whomever you wish to thank) for all of your body. Your heart beats so many times a minute EVERY SINGLE minute. It doesn’t get depressed and want to sleep all day. It doesn’t “give up” (unless you have heart disease) and just stop doing what it’s supposed to do.

What about your legs? Do you thank the Universe for them? They move you around. Even if you have arthritis, they still get you around. And the arthritis is telling you something too.  It forces you to slow down and pay attention to things around you.

Your body is wonderful and you should bless it! Thank it! Who cares what it looks like? Does it do everything it’s supposed to do? Then you should acknowledge it. Think about your job. Do you know anyone (or maybe it’s you) that quietly goes about their business doing everything they are supposed to do day after day and never get any acknowledgment? This is no different. That person will eventually get worn down. But if they get some kind of recognition, they get energized again. If you thank your body for the great work it’s been doing, there is  a much higher probability that it will continue to bring you more of the same health and well-being. I think that is often the cause of some of our illnesses. We just disparage our bodies so much, that we attract more of the bad things we are thinking or saying. Do you ever say “I hate the way I look? or “I hate being old”? “I hate being fat”? Any of these are generally accompanied by strong emotion when you’re thinking or saying them. That strong emotion is what attracts more of the same emotion to you – more hate and dislike – and discontent. Do you want that? If not, start loving your body and see what happens.

Try these experiments this week!


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