What’s In Your Wallet?

whats-in-your-walletOne goal of everyone who does any kind of marketing is to be known by a jingle or a phrase and I’m just like everyone else and would love that recognition….sigh.

The phrase “What’s in your wallet” is very well known. But other than creating a sense of familiarity when you hear it, what goes through you mind (if anything) when you hear those words?  Hopefully you don’t focus on lack or the fact that what’s there is not what you’d like it to be. You should be focusing on the fact you have a wallet and a job and your life! Even if you only have a dollar in your wallet, you are rich – you are as rich as you feel. You can feel like the richest, most prosperous person in the world even with one dollar. Do you have any pictures in your wallet? If so, that is evidence of your abundance – you have family or friends whose picture you carry with you near and dear to your heart. What is more valuable than love? Nothing in my book. Love is the most important aspect of my life. That and being able to help others. With love in your heart, your vibration is as high as it possibly can be and if you ride the wave of love, there is nothing you cannot do!

You know what one of THE most valuable things in my wallet is? My military ID. Not just because it serves as my ticket onto the base and to medical but because of the 30 years of active duty I served in the Navy. The memories contained in that single card are priceless to me. And every time I touch it, the experience of that part of my life comes back to me once again. I hold the card and can go back to any time I want and relive the great times. You can do that with any item in your wallet, even currency. If you have a dollar bill, think back to the first time you had a dollar in your pocket or in your hands and could then put it in your wallet. What memories are engaged when you do that? If they are great memories, use them to increase your vibration in a positive mode. Even if they aren’t the best memories or you feel you had to struggle too hard, use that memory as inspiration to reach for your goals. That will increase your vibration in a positive direction if you use it properly.

What about credit cards? Don’t think of them as symbols of your debt because that will focus you on lack and then you’ll just attract more of that. Realize that you have enough value that you can have a credit card! Not everyone can qualify. Then take it a step further and recognize that you have willpower and discretion so that you use your credit card with Divine Wisdom. You also can focus on (and raise your vibration with) the fact that this means you can provide for your family and even your friends if they need it. You have credit and you really CAN take care of money. One of my limiting beliefs came from my father telling me repeatedly that I’d never be any good with money. I’ve had to work diligently on that one since everything he said to me I took as the Gospel – out of a combination of love and fear of him.

Are there notes in your wallet? A list of phone numbers perhaps? What do those phone numbers mean to you. Are they of people you work with, your family, your friends, your emergency contacts or what? What does each person mean to you? Do you have some special business cards there? What do they mean to you?

Take a day this week and go through your wallet and hold it in your hands feeling all of the feelings and vibrations contained within. You’ll be surprised and if you put some effort into it, you’ll think about your wallet in a much more powerful way than you ever have! It will empower you too. You have so much value and so many vibrational tools in your wallet that you cannot help but improve your momentum when you look at it from the positive perspectives we’ve just discussed.

Let us know how you did and what got brought up when you worked this through.



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