What’s The Perfect Gift?

christmas_star_banner_13543With Christmas a day behind us, now the hustle and bustle to return gifts and then prepare for the New Year begins. Yet, there is one gift you cannot (and should not) return – the gift of friendship, the gift of love and kindness.

This year has been filled with so many different accomplishments, events and new people in my life – things I never ever envisioned for the year.  The entire took a complete 360 degree turn and seemed out of control but in actuality it all had a purpose and was aimed in the right direction for me.  I learned a lot about myself, a lot about people, a lot about friendship and even more about metaphysics as the year unfolded.

Of everything that transpired this past year, what I learned and experienced about friendship was the most important. From people I didn’t yet know to those whom I’ve known for years the value of their friendship became so important to me as the year went by.  I found out that some people are just interested in appearing to be friends but don’t really care whether you live or die whereas others really care and will do anything they can to support you when you need it. They are willing to stand by you no matter what happens.  For the first time in my life I ran across sociopaths and was “taken” by them.  I was hurt to the quick – the power of the sociopath is amazing. But as my heart recovered from the betrayal I found other people who were true in honesty and integrity and were virtuous beyond compare. Boy did I learn the true meaning of comparing “apples and oranges”.

But the friendships that came from the betrayal were solidified by them as well. They were made stronger because of the betrayal. We all moved past the hurt and into other realms of existence. More powerful and happy realms. As long as we learned from our experiences, those experiences were not bad. Their intensity died out as time went by and the power of the true bonds grew.  I am grateful for everything that happened this past year. It definitely was a year of growth and love.

Enjoy those who are around you because you never know when things will change in a split second. My other friendships were of that nature and we all learned to value each and every minute of our lives because you don’t know what lies ahead – and by ahead I mean a couple of hours or even minutes. Take this to heart even though you hear it all the time. Always consider how much you really care about someone before you open your mouth in anger or in hurt. You don’t know what your next words (if you get that chance) will be. Illness and injury strike without notice.  Love everyone around you and keep them around you – and most of all, let them know that they are loved.

Also love yourself and take care of yourself. This is essential. If you do not take care of yourself, you won’t be able to live life to its fullest; you won’t be able to fight off the bad times; and most of all you won’t be able to give to others. So, make your first priority yourself and your health.

Think back on this year and use the events and accomplishments as marking points for what you’ve learned about people and friends in your life!


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