Where Are You With Your Goals?

Ok, it’s more than half way through January so I’m wondering where you are with your goals? Or maybe you didn’t set any goals at the beginning of the year? Maybe you’re still working on setting them? Maybe you’re still working on goals you set last year?

I am just asking you to look at your life and where you are and where you want to be. I know that I’m doing pretty well with my goals this year because I simplified them and I was very specific. In addition, I looked at last year and saw that I was all over the map trying to do this, trying to do that and that it didn’t work.  So, this year I narrowed everything down and decided that what I needed most was to focus. Then my job was to decide what I wanted to focus on. Once I did that, I was able to march along without the usual confusion in my mind.

What about you? Do you know where you’re going? Did you actually set goals or just those pesky New Year’s Resolutions? People in the gym business love New Years because their memberships skyrocket. But reports show that by March those well-intentioned people no longer faithfully attend (if they attend at all). That’s because they are resolutions, not well though out and planned goals.

Take a moment to think where you are right now. Let us know in the comment box what’s worked and what hasn’t worked.

If you want some help you can always pick up your copy of GoalSetting4You and if you’re doing great, let us know.


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6 thoughts on “Where Are You With Your Goals?

  1. Terrie,
    Nothing like goals to get you motivated for the New Year. I started up daily blogging again with the 2011 Ultimate Blog Challenge. So what did I write so far? Why goal setting of course.

    • Hey Joyce,
      I wish I’d known about the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I would have entered it. I’m going to do Jeanette’s though that starts on 1 Feb 2011.
      Hope everything is going well with you.
      Thanks for commenting

  2. Dr. Terrie,

    I made a resolution and thus far I have kept it. I resolved to start applying all the training I have received last year. I have started blogging, e-mailing my list, writing articles, creating products, commenting on others blogs, creating new opt in pages, new sales pages, writing an e-book, publishing an e-book… “Did you mention something about Focus?” Wish me luck, I really am trying!!!

    • David,
      That’s great! I’m very impressed. I have kept a similar resolve – not to scarf up every program out there just because it might not be there – I do NOT need any more training programs. I have the 4 people I learn from to concentrate on. You are doing wonderfully and I’m so glad you shared that with us. Keep us posted as the months go on. I love your niche(s)


  3. Hi Terrie,
    Last year I had a list of goals the size of Texas, and the easy ones got done quickly. I have a big, fat, juicy goal that I am still working on that I, like you, had to trim down, get lean, and focused about. I realized that I had, with that specific goal, been outlining. I wanted to help Radiant Substance get the job done. Too presumptuous of me! Thank God we live and learn constantly and I have to say, even though it is taking me longer than I expected, it is so worth it, because the lessons I am learning along the road are wonderful. So, one and all, keep the Faith, and as we continue to continue, let’s enjoy the ride as well. Thank you Terrie. Love, Sarah

    • Thanks Sarah,
      It’s amazing what happens when we stop outlining. I would never have thought I would achieve my goals the way I did – that came from the far side but it’s what I needed. Congratulations on learning what is needed and achieving so many blessings along the way.