Where Have I Been?

As you can tell I’ve pretty much been silent and posting only the affirmation of the week.

I decided to explain why I’ve been ‘away’ from the blog even though it might turn people away.

I am discouraged posting on this blog and have felt that my efforts should be focused in other areas of my life. Why have I been discouraged? Two reasons really:

  1. Because NO ONE comments or lets us know that they even read our posts. It’s sort of like writing letters to people repeatedly and never getting a response. That gets very discouraging and suddenly you say “why bother? People aren’t reading what I write so why should I continue?”
  2. Secondly is because this is a business and people don’t seem to want to spend any money on what we have to offer (which is quite alot). We have tons of products that would help people and they are all very reasonably priced, if not under priced. Yet, people just want “free” information. That is discouraging to a business owner. It seems the more we give, the less they are interested in buying information to improve their lives.

Education is not free and should not be free. How much of the free classes do you actually put into effect in your life? But if you pay for something, its value increases and you’re much more likely to use it and apply it. I did not go to college or medical school for free and I spent over 15 years paying back the loans I had to get to go to school. Would I have changed that in any way, shape, or form? Heck no! Do you want a doctor to treat you who got all his information from the Internet – wikipedia and google? I sure don’t. This is one problem with people who try to treat themselves. But that’s another story.

Anyway, I feel that our primary product – “The Art of Making Things Happen” is a premier product and will enable anyone to achieve whatever they want in life. The people who have made it a part of their digital library have had nothing but great things to say about it. Check it out.


Art of Making Things Happen

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