Where The Heck Are You?

 Do you find yourself thinking “I haven’t gone anywhere in my life. I’m stuck in a rut.”? Or any phrase like that?

If so, the answer to your blues may be very simple. It’s something I’ve only recently discovered (and chronicled with you).

Take a look at where you were a year ago (or even 6 months ago) in relation to the same situation or event. I think you’ll be surprised.

You see, not only does instant gratification work in the present tense and we “want it now” but it also prevents us from looking back very far – sometimes we don’t even look to last week.

You frequently hear the phrase “history repeats itself”. But I bet that if you start paying attention to the past in light of what you want to alter, your history will NOT repeat itself unless you choose for it to.

This is the essence of my “Activate Your Life’s GPS” system. There is so much attention on goals that it’s no wonder people get lost and don’t achieve them. You have to have a specific destination (many people are not specific enough in their goals and so they get lost in the nebulousness of them) – but you also have to know where you are to start with. And if you don’t know that, then, just like your car’s GPS, you can’t even get started because you don’t know how to navigate to the destination because you don’t have a beginning point.

And if you don’t look at your own history and where you were a few months (or a year) ago, then you really still don’t know where you are. I have a pet peeve in medicine. Interns and medical students would always tell me that a patient’s “vital signs are stable” but then when I asked what they were, they would only give me one set of numbers. They didn’t understand my look of consternation nor did they understand when I asked how they could then tell that they were stable. You see, in order for something to be “stable” you have to know that it hasn’t changed. And if you only have one set of values, then you don’t know that it hasn’t changed. Same goes for your life. If you don’t know where you were a year ago, how do you know where you are right now. Our perceptions get warped by what’s immediately around us instead of putting everything in perspective.

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