Who Are Your Cooperative Components?

 This quote from Abraham summarizes not only the past 9 months for me, but also the past few days of working with all of you.

My Imagination Attracts All Cooperative Relationships… You have the power to evoke from others the relationships that you desire. But you cannot get to a new-and-improved situation by giving your attention to the current situation. The Universe, and all physical and Non-Physical players in it, is responding to the Vibrations that you are offering; and there is no distinction made between the Vibrations that you offer as you observe, and the Vibrations that you offer as you imagine. . . . If you will simply imagine your life as you want it to be, all cooperative components will be summoned. And even more important, all components that are summoned will cooperate. It is Law. The experience that you have with others is about what you evoke from them.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships # 470

It’s really all about Cooperative Relationships. We bring others into our lives to work together. We can bring them in as Cooperative components (meaning they all work together) or Uncooperative (meaning the opposite). Naturally a person wouldn’t intentionally bring them in as uncooperative but by “telling the same old story” they will be bringing in the same character types (even with different faces) as they have been all along.

What I realized in the past several months is that it’s really all about teamwork (Cooperative Components) and I was able to bring them into my existence as soon as I thought about them. When I first started imagining and training for the NYC Marathon a year ago, I was operating from the same place I had been 11 years ago when I really did not have any resources or any type of components to assist me in reaching my desires (many reasons) so I was on my own. But this year I have a much different perspective on life and have grown over the last 11 years and although I was initially “stuck” in the old ways, as I went along, my dream became such a  large, powerful and positive force that I (with help from Kay and EFT) began to take the blinders off and see an entire world of Cooperative Components around me – all there for me to call into my world. And believe you me, I started calling them and bringing them into my inner circle.

I could never have gotten to this point without my TEAM of coaches. Each has their own aspect of my life to address, but you know what? They are all Life Coaches even though that’s not what they are called. Why do I say that? Because they are all an integral part of my life – my life, not just my training. I pulled out all the stops in the last two months and solicited AIRROSTI doctors as an additional force of my team. And if you want a laugh, you can see my AIRROSTI doc, Dr. Jackson in a very funny interview – it put a big smile on my face because I’ve watched her an “Adam” interact and they are just like this interview. But, I digress….

My personal trainer (Dan) and my EFT practitioner (Kay) have been with me the entire year. Without them I would not be where I am today. I have to say that the Internet was a coach too. I found information on my shins and hips on the Internet and that’s why I was able to get through the inevitable injuries from such long training. I had THE most Cooperative Components possible. And there were the other Components too – Abraham-Hicks, Christy Whitman, Dr. Jeanette Cates, my POD group from my coaching class and on and on and on. I listened to Abraham’s teaching every Sunday during my 5-7 hour long runs and I learned more than you can possibly imagine. I was running in the Vortex (another post to come) almost every minute of every run. And you can’t ask for anything better.

So, what Cooperative Components have you drawn into your life? Which ones can you recruit and add to your team? Do you need help thinking around your box (not just outside of it)? Do you have a stable person (or persons) you can go to whenever things are not going as you would like them? What do you think you could accomplish if you did have a coach as a Cooperative Component? Who is your coach? Would you like to reach further toward your goals. Holly reminded me the other day of my primary goal in life – to dedicate a wing of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital to my hero – Suzanne. Thank you for that Holly! Who do you have on your side to bring you back to your path to the Vortex?

Think on these questions and let me know what you think and where you think you really could go if you brought the best possible Cooperative Components into your life…comment below.


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