Who Did You Inspire Today?

teen_girl_study_chalkboard_custom_16493As you move about your day, do you think about who you may have influenced or may yet influence? If you do, then it might change your behavior for the good.

There are so many people observing us and watching everything we do and say. If we pay attention to that fact, it might “up our game” a bit. By that I mean that it might force us to watch what we say, how we respond or react to things and what actions we take when faced with various circumstances.

I think that this most aptly applies to parents or those who work with/around children because they are always watching what we do and emulating this. Remember a little child standing next to a parent and mimicking the way they stand – like mirror images. We always find that so cute. But what we should also realize is that it’s representative of how attentive children are to us and what we do. They are very attentive even when they are trying to act as if they don’t care.  They are like sponges that absorb everything around them.

Where they run into some difficulty, though, is when they encounter dichotomies – they hear adults talk about how things should be and about how they should act but then they see a totally different behavior. They hear that you shouldn’t text on the phone while you’re driving. But then one day, they’re riding along in the back seat and see you texting. What are they supposed to believe? Should they or shouldn’t they text while driving?

You preach patience and understanding and controlling your temper. But then they see you yelling at some bozo who cut in front of you. See how they don’t know which is correct – what comes out of your mouth or what you do?

How many times a day do you give mixed messages? Try to be consistent throughout the day and throughout your life. Always think about what you’re doing and what message you’re giving before you take action. This could be at work, at church, at home or anywhere you are. Always act in concert with what you believe and what you preach. The phrase “do as I say, not as I do” doesn’t cut it in this day and age. “Big Brother” really is watching you – although in reality, it might be little brother or sister.

Start each day with the resolve to inspire someone during the day. You can define what you think that means to you but set that as your intention and then go about trying to fulfill it. Behave as if you’re surrounded by folks that hang on your every word and want to know more about you and what you believe. Behave as if you want them to emulate what you’ve done!

You may never know who you influenced/inspired today but I would bet that there is someone. And wouldn’t you rather have that happen, then just going through another boring day in your life?

Keep track of this for a week. See how you feel at the end of the day. Did you find yourself acting differently, carrying yourself in a way other than usual? Is it worth keeping up? Let us know


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