Who Surrounds You?

I had a great day yesterday and I realized that it all had to do with the people I was around. There was nothing unusual about the day but I was surrounded by several different groups of people – first were professionals at a doctor’s office (routine checkup) and my appointment was early in the a.m. – they were short handed because people were sick and out of work. But they remained friendly, happy and professional. That attitude is contagious for sure. Then I went to a store to look for a new bed and the gentleman there was friendly, professional and helpful. He understood when I said I would be back after lunch. Then I had lunch with a very good friend.  We ate and talked for 2 hours and had a wonderful time. After lunch I went back and purchased one of the beds that Frank (the salesman) had shown me.

I left the bed store feeling almost “high” – and I realized it was because of the fun I had had with people all day long. Their positive nature had been infused into my being. That’s what we’re talking about when we tell you about vibrations and how we’re affected by the vibrations around us.

Since we’re still in the beginning of the year (although you should do this at any time during the year) it would be really helpful to you to take a look at those around you and how they influence you.

Are they always happy? Are they sometimes happy?

Do they think that life is going well? Do they complain all the time?

Do they support and encourage you or do they tell you “don’t bother with that – it won’t work” or “you’ll never succeed”?

Listen to the language that surrounds your being. The thoughts and words inside your mind are vital in determining where you are in life and where you go. BUT just as importantly are the thoughts and words of those close to you. It doesn’t even have to be close in an intimate way but time wise – meaning your work relationships since you spend so much time there.

It may be time to do your “spring cleaning” regarding your relationships too. Simply ask that you be surrounded by those who have positive contributions to your growth. Ask that those who are not contributing in a positive manner be eliminated from your life.  Realize that you’ll be nervous about this initially because it’s “hard” to lose “old friends” but it’s important that you only be surrounded by those that will be positive factors in your life.

Have a terrific week!


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One thought on “Who Surrounds You?

  1. Hi Terrie,
    Thank you for this post. It has come into my life at a time when “spring cleaning” is so vital. Sometimes we don’t know better because we have no paramaters of confrontation. Then the realization comes and you say wow, I have not been acting, but reacting. I have not claimed what is mine. I have just been getting by. Now I am ready for change. It is all good though because it has served to bring awareness and improvement. May we all continue to continue on the “high” road. Have a fabulous day. Sarah