Why Are Positive Beliefs Not Embraced Like Negative Ones

positive-negative beliefsHave you ever noticed that it’s so easy for people to believe something bad or negative and they are so resistant to adopting positive beliefs? I find that truly amazing and don’t really have an answer as to the reason why.

The recent Ebola issue is a perfect example. People were quick to believe that we in the US were going to be overwhelmed with an Ebola pandemic within just a few days or weeks. Now, I don’t necessarily think that we are out of the woods completely. However, all the negative beliefs that were being spread via the media (of course) were adopted without any questioning. People clung to the so called “experts” the TV News stations had on. I could have called them up and been taken on as an expert in disaster medicine as I have a great deal of experience with this (but am certainly NOT an expert). You have no idea what credentials that person really has. But, it’s as if we simply believe something because it comes through that “tube” (the TV). Why is that? Think about yourself. What do you do to question or legitimize anything you hear on the “news”?

I also find it interesting (and this is very controversial I know) how people were NOT up in arms when the quarantine New York imposed was questioned and one or two people claim their rights were taken away. I did not see much outrage at all. But if that had been a few weeks earlier, then I believe we would have seen much more support for the involuntary quarantine. In fact, I think there would have been many more people calling for it. It only makes sense and if people can’t give up 21 days of their being out in public for the safety of an entire population what does that say about those people? I know what it tells me. And I don’t like it.

How quickly have you ever adopted a belief that everything was going to work out fine (or even great) for you? Or have you been the one who’s said “there’s always a black cloud hanging over me” or “nothing ever works out for me” etc? Have you believed you can get rid of an illness quicker than what others have told you? Or have you held on to that “I know this won’t get any better, I’ll never get better, or even I’m going to die”. People believe the latter even when others (including medical professionals) tell them otherwise.

It’s like the negative belief is a much lower hanging fruit, making it very difficult to reach higher for the positive thought or belief. Is it fear of rejection, fear of being let down, what is it? Are we afraid that others will think we’re stupid or abnormal if we hold on to a positive belief? Maybe we won’t get as much attention if we focus on what could go wrong instead of just telling others “hey, I know it will work out fine”. If we say that, then there may not be any way that others will keep checking on us or helping us. Wouldn’t it be great though if we got “stay well” gifts and surprise visits instead of just “get well” ones.

Have you tried to adopt something positive and then found it was too hard to maintain the positive vibration? If so, what is it that’s making it hard? Look around you – at the people and the environment that surround you. Is there some feeling or vibration emanating from that that is tugging at you, trying to stop that positive momentum and leading you down the negative plane? If so, get out of the situation and away from the negative energy. Create your own affirmation that you can hold on to and repeat it over and over until your vibratory plate is not wobbling any more.

Last week, my car felt “funny” as I left a medical appointment one afternoon. But it got me home and I didn’t think any more about it.  Next morning, though, my car wouldn’t start. It was 5:30 a.m. and I couldn’t bother my neighbors to get to work. I just got “lucky” and car_battery_400_clr_11845when I texted one of the men I work with, he hadn’t left yet (lives a mile from me) so I got to work ok. I asked a few of the guys at work to take me home and one was able to make arrangements. I had also Facebook’d my neighbor and got her before she went to work and asked her husband to work on it. But not only did he take care of the battery but he got my oil changed and my inspection done. How great was that? I didn’t fall into the “poor me” or “why me”. I just kept going along trying to keep my life going in the positive direction.  And look at everything terrific that happened to me. Was I grateful for getting my inspection and oil done too? You betcha since it would have taken a few hours out of my weekend had I had to do it. I just allowed the good to come pouring into my life no matter what it seemed like.

Surround yourself with positive thoughts and positive people. People who will share the good stuff with you. We always recommend that you do NOT share things with people because inevitably they will shoot down any good thoughts or start doing the “that’s bad but this is worse….” or the “what if” game. “What if the treatment doesn’t work?” “What if you don’t get that job, what will you do?”. “You know, I knew someone who had the exact same situation and you wouldn’t believe what happened to him.” “Doctors are just pill pushers, you should get another opinion” etc. When you are with people who put down your goal, your thoughts, feelings or ideas, it puts a big hole in your bubble and all the air (positive thoughts and beliefs) come squishing out.

Be with yourself. Raise your thoughts and vibrations. Build on the hope you have. Use your daily gratitude journal to concentrate on the great things happening to you in your life (you know there are plenty of them, don’t you?). Don’t let others defeat you or try to pull you down. Many people don’t even know what they are doing when they are being negative. They think they are being helpful and trying to get you to “think about all sides of the story.” You really do not need to do that. You just need to believe that everything will work out for you and it will. Be brave, stay positive and move onward!

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