Why Form a Vacuum To Achieve Prosperity

You must form a vacuum in order for prosperity to come into your life.

Once you have formed that vacuum, do whatever you can to effect the rich feeling and the rich atmosphere.

Mention the apparent lack or vacuum to NO ONE!!! Silence is one of the most important tools you can employ while working the laws of the Universe. Speaking about the lack and limitation keeps many people in the poorhouse financially (and in other areas of their lives as well). Never think of yourself as poor or needy! do not talk about hard times or the necessity for strict economy. Do NOT think about how little you have – think about how much you have. Use your best china and silver, wear your best clothes.

As you form a vacuum and let go of what you do not want; as you use your present visible supply to meet the immediate needs as best you can. As you live as richly as possible in the face of appearances – the rich results will begin to come forth. Amazingly new channels of supply will appear to meet your needs.  You’ll discover other financial assets in your life – these will be things you were previously unaware of. You’ll be surprised – other people will do things to add to your riches – you’ll receive gifts – gifts of money, gifts of free meals, you’ll find sales, etc.

Your quiet confidence is your strength during this time. Always remember to ask for divine guidance concerning the practical as well as the spiritual ways in which you may form a vacuum for new prosperity.

Do NOT panic. This is just another opportunity for you to prove the invisible laws of prosperity can produce visible results.

If you learn hot to form a vacuum for new good early in your conscious development of prosperous thinking, then you do not panic at financial challenges – you know that you can meet them head on and emerge victorious.

Remember to think not in terms of lack but think in terms of the universal abundance that surrounds us and is just there for us to pull into our lives.

As you give up and cast away old ideas and attitudes, old possessions, and put them in their place new ideas of prosperity, your conditions will steadily improve.

There must be constant elimination of the old to keep pace with this growth. When you cling to the old, you hinder your advance or stop it altogether.

Embark on your vacuum-creating process today…


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2 thoughts on “Why Form a Vacuum To Achieve Prosperity

  1. "Your quiet confidence is your strength during this time."

    Terrie, this sentence really spoke to me. It’s so true that when things look bad or feel bad, we have to re-direct our focus, even when it feels hard to do. Thanks for reminding me to rely on my own confidence for inner strength!


  2. Thanks Christine! Now that you mention it, I can think back to a particular time that that was so true (and even out of character for me but the universe came into me and kept me confident and quiet at the same time I wanted to be anything but.
    Thanks for commenting- I really appreciate it