Why Your Worst Deeds Don’t Define Your Life

I thought this was a very profound TED talk. It made me think about how people can change and how we really should be willing to give people (whether in jail or not) more than one chance to redeem themselves. After all, who died and made us God that we can judge someone forever and not think that they might change.

Wouldn’t you want someone to give you a second chance in life if you did something “wrong” but then realized it. We all have been young and done stupid things – some more stupid than others. But as we grow, we change and we become more mature (eventually anyway). Do you think we should be evaluated just based on the stupid thing we did years ago? Of course not. That’s what life is all about…change.

This man talks about acknowledgment, apologizing and atonement. I think he’s more mature than most of us and has endured more than we will in our entire life.  We can be better people by learning from the tough times others experience.

If you like this, there is another profound video on the TED talks about women Lifers and it almost made me cry at the misfortune some of them have endured for over 30 or in some cases 40 years – being in prison for that long is just unimaginable to me.

Let us learn from others.


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