Words of Wisdom

This week’s phrase is “Hurting for money”.

Have you heard this? People who don’t have enough money sometimes will say this. But what are you really saying?

“Hurting” = pain

“For Money” – Getting money

So, this tells your subconscious mind that you have to have pain in order to get money.

This contradicts all we teach. You do NOT have to hurt or experience pain in order to get money. Prosperity (in all fields, not just wealth) is easy and is yours by Divine Right!

See if this is your belief. Were you brought up thinking you have to struggle and work really hard and have pain in order to be prosperous.

If this is buried inside you, create your denials (such as “there is no pain in or around my financial affairs” or “I do not have to hurt in order to get money” etc). Say these denials for at least a week and see what else comes up (and create denials for whatever comes up).

Then use your affirmations after that. If you can’t come up with a personalized one use “Wealth and prosperity is mine by Divine Right and it comes to me easily and quickly”.

You do deserve everything and can have everything. We just have to peel that onion away.


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