World AIDS Day

 Today is World AIDS Day but with everything else that goes on in the world now and in people’s lives, we forget it. That is really a shame because AIDS is still such a big problem and especially for the younger generation who no longer have much awareness of the problem it creates and how it affects and shortens their lives.

We have come a long way in medicine so that AIDS is not that “almost immediate” death sentence it used to be BUT there is still no real cure. Medicine has improved quality and length of life but also comes with a high price tag – not just in currency but in side effects etc.

I bet you have someone in your life (friend, family, colleague) that has been affected in some way by AIDS. But it’s not a “badge of honor” as so many conditions have become. In fact, it bothers me that we have “months” for this and “months” for that but we have one DAY for AIDS awareness (although there is an AIDS awareness “week” now).

What does AIDS mean to you? What does the mention of HIV mean to you and what does it do to your “gut” when you hear it? Do you talk about it with your kids? Do you talk about it with other folks? Do you raise money for the treatment and cure of it? Do you even know how many billions of people (including millions of children) are affected by and dying of AIDS? It is not just a disease that “bad” people get. You must remember that AIDS does not care what your sexual orientation is. It’s a deadly virus and we all have to be aware of it and its devastating effects on the World – both on the population and on the economy.

Take a few moments at least today to think about people with debilitating (either mentally or physically) conditions. Try to get outside yourself and in your thoughts at least send them powerful healing energy and love even if you don’t know them. Use the word AIDS to do just that – provide AID to someone either in person or from afar.

Instead of just thinking outside the box (I really don’t like that phrase) BE outside the box and act outside of yourself. Do something nice for someone today – AID them.


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