Write Out Statements Of Love & Begin Where You Are

Write Out Statements of Love and Begin Where You Are

Along with meditating on love, affirming love and speaking words of love, it is good to write out statements of love as a method of generating it. Whenever things seem a bit out of control write this out – “Divine Love is doing its perfect work in this situation now and all is well.”

The deliberate radiating of love is especially helpful concerning the “little things” in life that can be quite irritating. A series of little things, little events, little changes often mold your day and your world. When you master them, you are approaching mastery of your life.

On a personal basis, wives and husbands should make their spouses feel important and needed. Express love to children so that they feel wanted and appreciated.

Children especially thrive on sincere appreciation, praise and encouragement (as do adults).

Begin Where You Are, Expressing Love

Remember that love functions on both the personal and impersonal phases of your life. If there seems to be a lack of love in your personal life, you can be assured that you will experience love in that department when you persevere in giving love impersonal as service and good will. If love seems to be missing in the impersonal phases of your life, you can be assured that you will experience understanding, happiness and success there when you persevere in using god’s love in your personal life and relationships.

Begin where you are with the love now operating in your life. Bless it, give thanks for it in either the personal department of your life as happy family relationships, or in the impersonal phases of your life as job success. AS you give thanks for every small and large expression of love in your life, you release its multiplying power which can fill every void.

Charles Fillmore commented on the power of love: ” You may trust love to get you out of your difficulties. There is nothing too hard for it to accomplish for your, if you put your confidence in it.” (From “Talks on Truth” – Unity village, Unity Books 1924, p. 59)

Promise yourself  that you will begin to deliberately generate god’s love to yourself, your family, and to all mankind. As you do, your problems will turn into solutions, and your prosperity will multiple.

You can use this affirmation: “Divine love foresees everything and richly provides everything now. The perfect results of divine love now appear”.


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