You Always Use The Law of Increase or Decrease

Normal people (you and me) are seeking an increase in what we call the basic staples – food, clothing, better homes, knowledge, time, pleasure, luxury, satisfaction etc – more increase in everything. This is normal and should not be condemned or suppressed.

When people criticize, condemn or belittle others, they do not realized that through the law of mind action, they are asking for the same things to happen to them. Never waste your time giving yourself or others the thought of decrease. What you send out comes back to you multiplied and it will produce corresponding experiences in your life.

Do NOT talk of bad times and do not allow those around you to do the same – walk away if you cannot change their topics of discussion. Do NOT think about bad times no matter what is happening – declare “That is not my truth; my truth is lavish riches and prosperity in all aspects of my life”.

You can invoke the law of increase in simple ways. You should speak the law of increase about yourself and others boldly and positively. Look and act out the law of increase and image and affirm rich increase. Although this may seem foolish and nearly impossible to do (I can hear the naysayers as I type), I can tell you that it makes a big difference in your outcome. I used a similar technique to prevent me from worrying (and thus worsening the situation) over a major life situation I was facing – something I had not experienced before. I had an affirmation I used every time I started to think of it in a negative way. I really did come out of it smelling like a rose! So, I am not just preaching it, I’m practicing it too.

If we are using the law of decrease then we’re only delaying our own prosperity. If you use the law of decrease and limit your good, you are never satisfied with the limited result. This applies to our feelings of self-worth too. I was living the law of decrease by not stepping out and taking chances because I was “too shy” and “people wouldn’t like me” and “what do I have to offer anyone”. Well, the 30 day Blog challenge I participated in got me to step out and try things I had never done before and go beyond my comfort zone. And you know what? Using that law of increase rather than the law of decrease (sitting back like a scaredy cat) let my life unfold before me in a way that I never believed would happen.  It really does work.


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