You Are What You Thought…. AND What You Feel

you-are-what-you-thoughtYou always hear “You are what you think”. But that’s only partially true.  That sentence should be reworded to “you become what you think and feel”. What you currently ARE is a result of what you’ve thought and felt prior to right now. In other words, what you “thought” before.

It doesn’t really do anyone any good to wonder “why me”, “why did this happen to me” because they don’t really want the answer which is that we have brought everything into our lives that we have. The Law of Attraction always words – even when things aren’t as we wish. The Law of Attraction doesn’t work only with the things we say we desire.

Everything in our lives was brought there by our thoughts and feelings. Always remember that. When you start to get angry at someone or criticize someone or some thing, ask yourself what you’re feeling right now and if you really want more of that in your life.  Because you are focusing on that emotion and pretty strongly perhaps, too, if you’re angry.

That emotion is what you are focusing on and what you are putting out to the Universe. Remember that the Universe stands ready to bring you whatever it is you’re looking for and concentrating on. When you put such emotion into a thought or feeling such as anger, the Universe doesn’t know that it’s just a temporary thing. It thinks (if it could think) “wow, Terrie is really focusing on that thing…she must want more”.

So as s dutiful servant it brings more of the same thing I was angry about into my life. Then I get angry again and the whole scenario is repeated over and over and over again. It will continue as such until I change and start focusing on something else. But you can imagine that after the second time that “thing” comes into my life (sometimes even after the first), my vibration won’t be the greatest. Not only will I be angry that it’s happened again but I still have the anger at the “thing”. So that’s double anger. Then I start with “Why me, why is this continuing to happen to me”.  That continues the focus/vibration on a lower level than I would like.

Remember the definition of insanity we talked about (doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results). So, I have to change my thoughts and focus completely in order to stop repeating this pattern. I can’t just say “I will stop being angry” because that brings the situation and events into my thought process = focus. This is where I could really use a “Kodak moment” to put my mind on other things. I also could practice my story telling technique and start telling a story to myself the way I want it to happen.

Often, people’s reaction to the realization that they are what they thought can be one of discouragement. They think that they can’t do anything to change their life, that they are stuck with what they have thought and felt all these years.

The Universe, however, is not stuck in the past as we are. It will respond to a change in your thoughts and vibrations almost immediately. My most vivid remembrance of this happening in my life is from over 20 years ago when I was moving to 1002628_696360987058393_384649338_nQuantico, Va and all the plans I had laid out fell through at the very last minute. The movers had my stuff loaded and on the way to the address of the house I thought I was going to move into when I found out that there was a significant delay and I wouldn’t be able to move into it. My mother, the realtor and I had been driving around all day looking for another house. NOTHING was right, not even ok. So I was pouting in the back seat while my mother and the realtor were chatting away in the front seat. I was contemplating my possibilities. Suddenly I yelled out (amazing we didn’t go off the road because I’m sure I shocked them both) “I am not moving again!” – I did not want to put my stuff in storage and then have to move a second time.  The amount of emotion behind that statement was palpable. I am not sure I’ve ever made such a declaration.

The realtor said “well, I have three more houses but they are in Fredericksburg and I didn’t think you wanted to be that far away”. I told him to take us there. The first two weren’t going to work but the VERY LAST house we looked at was absolutely perfect. And I mean perfect. It was a model so it already had all the utilities hooked up, had a gigantic back yard (for my dogs), had a basement which I wanted, and was close to the roads I needed to drive on to easily get to the highway.  And I could move in the next day because it was a model.  I had declared what I wanted and the Universe had delivered.

Usually there is a Law of Gestation at work so that things don’t materialize as fast as this did but the house had always been there. My emotion simply told the Universe I was really, really serious so it led me to this house.

The Universe didn’t care that I was upset or pouting. It only cared about the amount of emotion I had generated. My vibration was so strong that the Universe couldn’t resist.

Another example shows that the Law of Gestation is involved and that we cannot get impatient with these Laws. I decided when I was four that I wanted to be a doctor. I never ever wavered even when I developed epilepsy. I had to change my ultimate goal of being a neurosurgeon but I was still going to be a doctor. Then in my senior year of college I didn’t get accepted into medical school. I never gave up though. For three years I continued to apply. I knew nothing of metaphysics at that time. I just knew I was going to be a doctor. Then everything fell into place (long story) and I was finally accepted at medical school and my dream came true. But it was because I never gave up on my thought and emotion about what I was supposed to be.

What do you want? Do you have a medical problem? Don’t think about healing; picture yourself as healthy and whole. If you think about healing, then you continue to focus on the illness even though you think you’re directing your thoughts in a more positive direction. In order to heal, you have to have something wrong. You don’t want something wrong. You want to see yourself as completely whole and well. Start telling your story about your healthy self.

Use the same principle with prosperity, relationship, peace of mind issues. Focus on what you want to be, how you want to be, not what you want to get rid of.

Think back and find where something you’ve felt very strongly about has come into your life. Tell us about it in the comments box below.

Remember that you are what you thought but you can always change your thinking!







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