You Can’t Beat Spiritual Law

The Law is that what you give out comes back to you multiplied.

Then the way to success of any kind, is to begin giving out what you want to have come back. If you have no money, find something else to give. Money is the mere symbol of service, and you can always give service of some kind.

Give something knowing that God is your paymaster and that He is the best of all paymasters. He will begin paying you when you begin working exclusively for Him. God always gives signs of approval. God will give because its is His nature to give. He, too, conforms to the law, because He is the Law. Remember that we are working with real law all the time. If you obey the law of giving, you cannot help but receiving.

Learn by heart what Jesus says: “Give, and it shall be given uno you.”
Repeat it, and repeat it, and believe it.

Trust. Believe that the law is going to work. It is; because when we are really willing to do our share, the law, never fails to work.

Let us apply the principle. If you want a job, begin giving service somewhere along that line. God will direct your paths. If you do not know what vocation you should be in, give your services along any line, and your particular line will open to you.

“Whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” So you will find everything that your heart desires: health, money, friends, success, the development of your tal-ents, home, prosperity, love, happiness. For God, is Law. He gives, gives lavishly, patiently, joyously. Imitate God.

All that you give out brings its return. These are your planting: deeds, money, words, thoughts-everything. You can’t beat Spiritual Law.

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