You Can’t Get Something For Nothing

You Can’t Get Something For Nothing

I agree with Emerson that it is time the law of compensation was emphasized as life’s basic law. I like to think of this basic law of prosperity as radiation and attraction: that what you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life and affairs. But you cannot get something for nothing.

The reason why there is still poverty in this universe of lavish abundance is that many people still do not understand this basic law of life; they do not yet realize that they must radiate in order to attract, and that what they do radiate they constantly attract. Most people today still have to learn that they cannot get something for nothing, but must give before receiving or must sow before reaping. When they do not give or sow in terms of prosperity, they make no contact with God’s lavish abundance, and so there is no channel formed through which the rich, unlimited substance of the universe can pour forth its riches to them.

The truth of this was recently brought to my attention when I had contact with some people in a poverty stricken area. I soon discovered that these people only wanted a “hand-out.” They were not interested in invoking the basic law of prosperity by giving or sowing first. Instead, they were trying to get something for nothing, which simply cannot be done. Thus, they continued to live in poverty.

Catherine Ponder

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