You Don’t Want To Star In The Exorcist

figure_rear_view_mirror_400_clr_11283 Don’t be Regan (Linda Blair) – the girl in the exorcist! What do I mean by this? Simply that you shouldn’t keep looking back – for any reason! If you keep looking around behind you, it screws with your momentum. Think about driving along and you’re at a certain speed that’s feeling pretty good and getting you where you’re going. But you’re worried (first clue) that there might be some cops behind you or maybe just someone who is tailgating and wants to pass you. As you’re looking around, you end up putting your foot on the brake to slow down while you look. Your momentum has slowed and now you have to do something to speed up again.

Why do you even want to look at what’s in your past?  The only possibly legitimate reason could be to examine your limiting beliefs…but you could check them out without knowing where they come from. Only curiosity could be the reason for trying to figure out whether you got them from your parents or your teachers or what. But that’s not really important, is it? What’s matter is that you identify that you actually DO have those beliefs  and then how you can change them.

If you’re looking at what events have happened in your life AND what limiting beliefs have been operating in your mind and life. These beliefs have been the primary influencing factor in how the Law of Attraction works in your  life. You can take a short time to look at past events and see if this has been the case – have you been living with self-fulfilling prophecies.  This is just another phrase for the Law of Attraction. I used to (many, many years ago) tell people that they wouldn’t like me once they got to know me and guess what? They pulled away eventually – just as I predicted (prophecy).

There’s a comfort zone involved here as well. No matter how crappy our past was, it still is something we can hold on to. We know what we felt like, we know what our responses were. It’s the knowledge that is the comfort. When we’re stepping out into new territory and changing our thoughts and life actions, it’s scary because we don’t know what’s going to happen. What if something goes wrong? What if I didn’t identify my limiting beliefs enough? What if, what if? By the time you’re done questioning yourself, you want to go back to the past.

Guess what? The past is over, done with, gone! You just have to be daring and brave and move on. Trying the new way of life won’t hurt you as long as you believe in the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws. This is a friendly universe. We just seem to be very adept at repeating our past – because we pay so much attention to it. Be different, you might like it.

So stop looking in your rear view mirror and stop playing in the Exorcist. Keep you head forward and watch what’s happening in front of you. This is a major benefit of having a coach. Your coach will walk with you and help  you through the scary parts.

Think about it, then go do it!


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