You Won’t Find The Solution By Continuing To Focus On The Problem

focus-on-solution-not-problemWe’ve talked about this before but it’s so important that I want to discuss it again – perhaps in a different way.

It’s a basic application of the Law of Attraction.  You get more of what you’re focusing on. You are sending out the “problem” energy wavelengths. Therefore, of course you’re going to get more of the problem.

If you put your energy out there in the “solution” wavelength, you will get the solution.

How do you switch from focusing on the problem to concentrating on the solution? You have to WANT the solution first. “Obviously” I can hear you muttering. But it’s not so obvious. Many people want to continue to focus on the problem because that’s what will get them the attention they crave. They aren’t doing it consciously. It’s a learned behavior, a habit that’s been engrained in their souls for a very long time. They probably weren’t taught how to focus on anything else. I think another word for all this is “worry”.  These people often also don’t like change. If they continue to pay attention to the problem, then they don’t have to change. Things will stay the same with even more of the same (the problem). It gives them something to talk about too. How often do you find a news program or newspaper that is filled completely with good news? Rarely. It’s blood, guts, murder, crime and all the other bad stuff that makes the news. This is because our culture is excited by drama and misfortune. I don’t know why but I’m sure the psychologists do. It just aggravates me so I don’t participate – that means I don’t watch the news. Your first step, then, is to stop participating in the conversations that are problem centered. This may take some creativity but I have confidence that you can do it. Most people are pretty skilled in changing the subject or even just walking away to find something else to do. If you continue to hang out with them, your motivation to change your habits and behavior will be minimal. And even if you are motivated to change, you are more likely to be overwhelmed by the behavior and talk of others.

Next, repeat my favorite affirmations many, many times during the day. The easiest one is “Everything always works out for me!” You can also tailor and then use the other one “Nothing and no one can interfere with my prosperity (or health, or finding the solution or whatever is appropriate for you), not even myself”. People think affirmations don’t work. But they do. And one thing they do is to redirect your momentum and wavelengths from the negative. You may not yet be focusing on the positive but you’re more neutral and less focused on the negative.  This is a crucial step. You want to stop those problem-focused thoughts in their tracks.

Then follow the affirmations with “Show me the way” – this will open your mind to the Universe and you’ll be more likely to receive an answer!

Repeatedly tell yourself that there is a solution for every problem and it is yours for the asking.

Try to look at what the solution would be like when it comes to you.

There are many other things you can do once you decide you no longer want to be involved in the problem mindset. Make a list of them and keep it on an index card with you all the time.

Be creative and just remember the ultimate goal – the solution.



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