Your Beginning

Are you ready to do something bigger and better? In this time that may seem like a daunting task but you should NEVER be discouraged or kept from trying to better yourself and your circumstances because of the “appearances” around you. You are bound ONLY by your own thoughts and imagination, NOT by the events in the world outside of you. Take heed to what Napoleon Hill writes.

Your Beginning
by Dr. Napoleon Hill

You will come to the point, sooner or later, at which you will want to do something bigger and better than you have ever done before. When you do, you are going to be discouraged by those around you who know you best, and who will say the plan you have is foolish or beyond your power to carry out. You will find more people willing to tear you down by discouragement than you will find sympathizing with you and helping you to build your ego.

The best way to avoid such discouragement is to confide only in those who have a genuine sympathy with your cause and an understanding of your possibilities. Otherwise, keep your plans to yourself and let your actions speak. Adopt the motto Deeds – Not Words. It is a good motto for everyone.

It may not be in the best taste for you to overestimate your abilities, but it is better than to underestimate, and it will do less harm. If you aim at a very big achievement and attain only a moderate achievement, you will still have attained something. If you allow yourself to be held back before you even begin, you will have sold yourself short and will attain nothing.

Maybe you are a man with a big idea. You have nursed this idea for a long time. You have made an experimental model, or have worked it out on paper and refined it over a period of time until you know it will work. But you haven’t really done anything about it. Perhaps the reason you haven’t acted is that you lack the self-confidence sufficient to start you looking for a master mind ally to help you carry out your idea.

The thing for you to do is take hold of the principles of this philosophy and apply them to yourself. It will do you no good to read these lessons and think, “That’s a wonderful lesson! I’ll bet it really works for somebody else.” Why not start building up your self-confidence through mastery and application of these time-tested principles which have lifted others from poverty to places of eminence? The rules will work for you as well as for anyone else, but you have to take the initiative. No one else will do it for you.

    When a man can manage himself, he
    is ready to start managing others.

You have every quality in the world that it takes to succeed if you will organize what you have according to the seventeen principles of this philosophy. To do that requires self-discipline, faith in yourself and concentration on your objective. Your success or failure is entirely a matter of how you discipline your mind.

Source: PMA Science of Success. Pgs. 277 & 278.


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