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Review word and penAs the first week of the year has finished, why not establish a habit of reviewing each week to see how you’re doing on your ‘New Beginning’. You can see if there’s anything you want to change or do differently pretty early on this way. You can also tell if you really were in your right mind last week when you made all those resolutions in the “spirit” of the New Year (or because of the “spirits” of the New Year). In case you didn’t get the report on “New Beginnings, Not Resolutions“, you can still get it here.

Take some time today to write in a notebook or journal what happened this week. As I’ve said before, I do mine in my calendar program where I record everything as it happens day by day. I do this for multiple reasons and could write an entire report on that but for now, it will suffice if you just get a notebook when you’re out shopping.  Write down everything that you can remember. It can be as simple and specific even as meeting with someone at work. Be sure to put down what you talked about. It may seem insignificant now but it could be very important in the future. And, if it turns out not to be important, than no harm was done by spending a few minutes recording it.

Remember to put down your feelings as well as your thoughts. Feelings turn things from “good” to “bad” or from “bad” to “good”. If you declare something good when it happens instead of swearing about how horrible it is, you’ll be moving onto one of the positive vibrational planes and the Universe begins to respond by turning things into “good”.

Maybe you’re ready to revisit some of the new beginnings you thought you were after. However, I would recommend that that only be done when you actually made resolutions as opposed to scripting your new year – your new beginning. If you’ve scripted how you want your life to turn out, then it’s too early to change that. But the events, thoughts and emotions of each week are valuable indicators as to how your script is going. But remember that you’re creating a TV Show of your life and sometimes in those shows you have to ad lib. This week’s events could indicate just an ad lib or it could mean that you might want to rescript your TV Show…but let’s not do that yet – let’s wait and continue this process for a few more weeks.

Keep on trucking and if you haven’t started scripting your 2016 personal Reality TV Show, then start on the inventory and plans now. Pick up your copy of “New Beginnings, Not Resolutions“!

Let me know if you have any questions.


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