Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher

Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher has been practicing medicine (primarily Emergency and Disability medicine) for over 40 years and working with Metaphysics and the Law of Attraction for over 25 years.

She retired from the United States Navy in 2004 and founded Getting Unstuck, LLC in 2006.

Although she definitely knows how to work with the Law of Attraction to create the life she wants (who else has ever received an unsolicited check for $4000 from the IRS?), she found herself enslaved in her civilian   job after one of her  colleagues died suddenly.  What was meant to be a temporary situation while someone else was hired became her imprisonment. On and on it went. More hours, more days - all without ANY type of compensation (no overtime, no comp hours, nada, nothing, rarely even a "thank you"). Yet she continued her "selfless" service.

It took 4 years and alot of inner work and the help of a coach and an excellent team but she finally realized she was doing this all to herself and that she just had to stop it or else she would simply die in the office and no one would know or care. She desperately wanted to experience life beyond the office but didn't know how to break away.

Then her heart really got into the picture. She developed congestive heart failure and realized that things just had to change. But even then, it was not an immediate change. It takes time to undo the inner conversation and reasons that she was doing this to herself. It's not an easy accomplishment at all.

In fact, it was downright painful to go through this process but the end results have made her happier than she's ever been in her life and propelled her on the path that she feels is her destiny at this moment in time - helping others overcome the exact same scenario. There are so many folks that are handcuffed to their desks - whether it's in a salaried position such as Terrie's or whether it's an entrepreneur working so many hours in their job. Terrie can help you break free of this imprisonment - remove the shackles and really enjoy and experience life as it is meant to be experienced.

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