Are You An Out of Sight, Out of Mind Type Person?

I sure hope not. How can sights like this be dismissed so easily from people’s minds. They were prominent forever last year when Haiti was struck by disaster. Why are people ignoring this event?

But I have to tell you that I’m so disappointed that people seem to have already forgotten the horrific experiences that the people in Japan are experiencing right now.  People aren’t talking about it, the news (other than CNN and even they have decreased their coverage) isn’t really talking much about it, the newspapers here in San Antonio anyway, had some info on the front page today (Sunday’s paper) but of course, it was about the nuclear problems, not the human problems (which will get worse if they don’t control the nuclear ones but the articles were more about should we have nuclear plants here).

Have you forgotten this major world event too?

Have you just gone about your own business giving it a “well I’m glad it wasn’t me” thought?

Please take this time to do something to help these people whose lives  have been completely devastated. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through now and will be going through for so long. Can you possibly think about having to start all over again? With absolutely NOTHING?

The one thing that everyone CAN do is to start taking stock of their wonderful life and even if you don’t think everything is really great right now, I’ll bet it’s a whole lot better than that of folks in Japan. So, get out your Gratitude Journal or use your Gratitude Journal software and start putting out positive energy into the Universe. The more we take the time to “donate” our positive vibrations, the better things will get for the folks affected by this tragedy.

Just do something….maybe you can donate a few dollars. You are much more blessed than you think. You can reach out and help these people. The banner above gives the link for the American Red Cross but you can donate to any organization you want that will help these people. There are so many organizations – you can go to to find some of the common ones that you might feel compelled to work with.

Here are some guidelines though about donating in a crisis time like this (this comes from also):

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation advises donors not to respond to any unsolicited incoming emails, but rather go directly to recognized charities and aid organization’s websites, as opposed to following a link to another site.

Before donating, also verify the legitimacy of the nonprofit organizations as well as its nonprofit status.

And be leery of emails claiming to show pictures of the disaster areas in attached files, because those files can contain viruses, the FBI cautioned.”

Can you ignore scenes like these?

Please do something but don’t turn away.


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