How to Make Room For Your Good to Come Into Your Life

If you’re looking to change your life and want to receive good things and prosperity, look at your world. You have to examine the clutter in your life. Once you look at the clutter you need to create a vacuum. As you are creating the vacuum, you are also giving to others and have the potential to continually express your gratitude – one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. Let’s look at these factors.

If you have clutter in your life, how do you think the Universe will be able to bring you what you’re asking for? There isn’t room for it in your life. This can be physically or mentally but usually the physical is simply a reflection of the mental aspects. For example, if you want a new car take a look at your garage. Do you have it filled with cars or with junk even. If you have a two car garage and two cars, the Universe doesn’t see room in the garage for a new car. If you really need another car, you’re going to have to be putting one of the cars in the street or driveway so start parking whichever one it will be there now. Leave one side of the garage empty so that the Universe will see that you really mean it when you say you want one and that you’ve created space for it.  You have to clear things out to make room for your new good to come in.

As you’re cleaning out – whether your closet or your garage or other parts of your home – give away your old stuff. There are many people and organizations that need clothing or supplies and will be most grateful for whatever you have to give them. This act does a few things. It creates a vacuum and it also helps others. You couldn’t really give the Universe a more positive message. Be generous not only with your things but with your time, talent, money, gifts and even yourself and your inner feelings. Give, give, give.

As you’re able to do this cleaning and clearing, make sure you express your gratitude for being able to do this and for all the good you have in your life. Gratitude is a phenomenal power in moving the Universe to bring you what you’re asking for. Sing your thanks. Just as with affirmations, putting things to music is so much more powerful and will allow you to send wonderful vibrations to the Universe. In turn, the Universe will bring you your good.

Clearing out the clutter and giving to others who need things is just one of the many ways to activate the Universe to bring your new good to you. Find out more about how and why this works and what other techniques you should us in the Art of Making Things Happen


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