One Day At A Time

custom_dart_calendar_16634 “Always remember that the future comes one day at a time” ~Dean Acheson

It’s always interesting to me that something so simple and so true can be so elusive and difficult to embrace.

Why is it so hard for us to realize this? You hear all sorts of stories about unexpected events happening to people that totally change their lives forever and derail them from the direction they have been focusing on.

If we continue to live in the future without being happy and satisfied on a day to day basis, we may miss out on life as it goes flying by. Waiting for the future is a big mistake. This is not to say that you shouldn’t have goals or want to do something with your life that involves planning and working toward it. But, don’t wait until you’ve achieved it to start enjoying your life.

Don’t be thinking “when I lose weight, I’ll be happy”, or “when I get this other job, I’ll have enough money to do the things I want to do and like”. This type of thinking keeps you from living in the Now and actually enjoying your life, living it to the fullest. If you wake up every morning and tell yourself “I’m going to live life to the fullest today no matter what”, then you’ve set your intention and “paved your way” for the day.

So what does “living your life to the fullest” mean? Maybe you’re not at the weight you want or have the amount of money you want, or have the love of your life yet. But, you have your personality and the beauty of the outdoors and the moon and the sky and everything about nature. In addition, you have people around you that you can influence. You can smile at them, say ‘hi’, tell them they did a good job, be there for them. It doesn’t take money to do all that, you don’t have to be at a certain weight or in love to make the lives of others happy. It takes a moment, it takes desire and awareness and a few words and a smile. Can you do that? I venture to say that making a difference in the life of someone else would actually make you feel more fulfilled than the other things I mentioned (weight, money, love life, etc). Try it, I think you’ll like it.

When things aren’t going the way you want them to, you really should slow down and find out what it is you CAN do given your new circumstances. You’ve been derailed from the road you were comfortably marching down and all of a sudden you have to change gears. You all know how incapacitated I am right now. I can just now walk some (with my boot) but still with a lot of pain. So, I cannot do any of the activities I like or need to do (including cleaning up the place – I haven’t even finished putting things away from the run in July). What are my options? Well, I could sit around and mope and I’m actually pretty good at that. But, I also know that it simply wastes my time. I allow myself to mope for a maximum of 45 minutes, then I have to do something. I’ve been forced to come up with other alternatives for what to do. And I have.

I could sit and say “I can’t wait until I can run again” and then waste all the days in between. And, what if these injuries keep me from running again? Then what? I could say “why aren’t my feet getting any better? They are the same as yesterday – what’s going on? Why me? Why isn’t it better?” etc. But what good would that do? NONE at all. What is better is to find something productive to do and something that will make me happy. So I spend the weekend OFF of Facebook (where all the race comments will be for the races I couldn’t go to but had signed up for). That way I’m not constantly thinking about what I “wish” I were doing. I have already made a list of all the things I can do and will do the ones I have to and then the ones I want to. I’ve been “knocked off my feet” for some universal lesson and I might as well spend this long weekend “going to school” to see if I can determine what the lessons are.

Try to reform the pathways in your brain. Find out what your purpose is in life and proceed to create a new path. It might lead to the same destination but you might have to take a different road to get there. Create your own AAA and make your new “trip tickets” – you can map your way, load up your GPS  and head on down a new highway to get to that destination (your purpose in life).  It’s all how you look at where you are right now compared to where you want to go!

What can you do to live life to the fullest today? I know I am going to laugh and joke and let others around me know how much I appreciate them today! Tell me what you’re going to do?


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