You Must Be The Change You Wish To See in the World

globe_custom_banner_15981I’m late posting this today but it’s still an important topic. One person really can begin a change. If you want to see more kindness in the world, begin to express more kindness. It is definitely contagious and will impact not only the one(s) you’re being kind to but also those around them. Try to recall a time when someone was nice to you. How did that impact your feelings, thoughts and actions at least for that day? Did it make you think that you wanted to spread more niceness as a result? I know that has happened with me.

This time in our nation is one in which I think we need to try to be a force of change regarding tolerance and acceptance. I know that may irritate some people but when I see some of the latest “recommendations” on how to keep people in or out of our country, I just can’t believe it. I do understand that some of it is emotional reaction and some of it is political posturing but who am I to decide who should or shouldn’t be here. How can we be so mean and prejudiced during this holiday period. Where will the “prevention of entry” end? What if someone doesn’t like a certain group of people and gets a bunch of people together and starts a “movement” to keep “them” out? Where does it stop? What happened to the “Land of the Free?”

I didn’t mean to get off on this but just as I began to talk about being a positive change, this concept also applies in the negative manner too. It simply takes a few loud mouths to start something that is not a positive change. It’s unfortunate that we can’t begin to make positive changes as easily.

I just want folks to realize that they can impact the world even though they are just one person. Be nice, give people gifts, give them a smile, give them information if that’s what they want, give them advice if they ask for it. Help in any way. If you wish more people were volunteers, go volunteer. Think about how you may have had the help of a volunteer in your life. How much more would you have to pay at certain events or locations if there weren’t volunteers and they had to pay a staff (hospitals and state parks come to mind)?

Don’t sit idly by. If you want the world to be happier, see what you can do to help people be happy. Of course, this also means you have to be happy too.

Be the change!


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