Influential Laws That Govern Your Life – Part 9

rule 9Law of Multiplication (also known as the Law of Praise and Appreciation)

It makes everything you ask for be bigger and greater. It causes the Law ot work more quickly and in easier ways. It brings to your attention anything that causes you to limit your ability to receive. Once it’s brought to your attention, you use denials on it.

If you’re using the Law of Multiplication, of Praise and Appreciation, then it opens your awareness for being reminded of anything that might limit you that you haven’t gotten yet or haven’t gotten out of the garbage heap of your subconscious mind. It also gives divine surprises.

Divine surprises are the extra things you haven’t though of ye that are nice little gifts of the universe. It’s praise and appreciation. You praise everybody, everything and every situation.

Look at your past, at things that were disappointing and claim the blessing that came out of the problems. If you haven’t done that yet and you haven’t seen the blessing that came out, then start now on anything from our past that you’re still saying was a problem, that shouldn’t have happened, that you don’t know what made it happen. Start blessing it for what it brought to you and the good that came to you.

“I see this as a blessing. I claim this blessing for the good that was in it.”

Everything in your past, whether it was a problem created by you, created by someone else, or if someone helped you with it, there’s always good to come out of it. It’s what got you to the point where you are right now.

When do you use it? All the time. Every time you open your mouth, praise somebody or something in some way.

This also prevents you from ever being critical, angry or using hurtful words or actions. You can’t be angry or hurtful and praise at the same time. It’s a wonderful took for transformation. It works quickly because it stops negative speech and thought.

Using the Law of Multiplication (Praise and Appreciation)makes everything you ask for be bigger and greater since you are spending your time praising everyone and everything.

If you realize that 51% of the time you have to be praising something or somebody in order to make the good happen, if you have spent 51% of the time in criticism, condemnation, or talking of the past, which one are you going to get? The one you spent the most time in.

This is why you have to let go of the past. Let go of any of the experiences that caused you hurt or pain. Let go, say “I declare them good. The good comes forth out of it. Let it come.” Get it out of your way so the ideas, thoughts and feelings that come through are all filled with praise and appreciation.

This is the law you’ll be using most of the time.


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2 thoughts on “Influential Laws That Govern Your Life – Part 9

  1. I believe it was Twain who said, “To be satisfied with what we have, that is wealth.” I have found in my own life that the more I’m satisfied with what I have the more I wind up having to be satisfied with.