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The Four St Jude ANGELS of San Antonio
The Spiritual Laws in Action

What an amazing week for me. I am still speechless about what happened last night. As you all know, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been my passion for about fifteen years now. I would do anything I possibly could to suzannesupport the hospital in memory of Suzanne who will always be my hero and inspiration. I was surprised on Thursday morning when I found out that the KJ97 St Jude Radiothon was going on (the last one was in March and they have changed the dates). So, I had to do some thinking.

This has been an intriguing (shall we say) year for me and there have been financial “outs” that I had not planned on in order to help some folks through not so great times.

So I spent all day Thursday trying to figure out what I could give to support the wonderful folks at both KJ 97 and St Jude’s. This thinking part wasn’t going well at all. I always do better with my gut feelings but was trying to be mature (stop laughing).

kj and st judeFriday I had jury duty but this time it was at the Justice of the Peace (that was a first for me but that’s another story). I didn’t know how long it would last so I felt I had to make a decision about my donation before I went. I had uneasy feelings. But then I turned on the radio and had about 2 1/2 hours to listen to Randy and Jamie talk about the children, the parents, the research and all the other wonderful things done at St Jude. The patient stories are extremely touching but I’m used to hearing them and although they always bring tears to my eye, Randy and Jamie really hit me this year. Bree had also touched my heart on Thursday. Travis always knows how to talk the talk of St Jude and although he continues to radiate the passion he feels for the children, something about Randy, Jamie and Bree this year really got in deep within me. That is very unusual since I’ve listened to these radiothons for many years. For some reason, this year, these three wonderful, selfless and caring people were squeezing my heart and helping warm the blood flowing through my body and soul. It’s something I cannot put into words. I realized that they were sacrificing much of their time and giving their complete energy (it’s close to Christmas now) and had all week since there was another St Jude event this week as well) and they must be exhausted. Yet, they were able to stretch and reach deep within to talk for two days about this wonderful organization and what they do for the children and families they call their own. I realized that if all these other people could stretch so much, I had to be unselfish and stretch as well. This is the very first time I’ve had to stretch, the first time, the amount I donated won’t come easy but they inspired me to do it. I adore Randy, Jamie and Bree (and Travis is great too but he abandoned the KJ ship to go work for St Jude – so I’m ambivalent – LOL – happy for him and St Jude and “mad” that he left), These are the most selfless people I know and have ever met. Supporting St Jude is not just a job but a passion for them too.

I had to go to the studio to give them the check so I waited til almost the end. When I walked in, I was almost immediately met by this randy and jamiewonderful man (I’m told they call him “Spoon”) who came and talked to me last year. Again, he sat with me and we talked for the longest while. Then Bree came over and I was honored that she talked with me. It’s funny because I thought she was just making conversation when she asked me a few things. Little did I know.

2014-12-20_7-33-59The event went on and Bree had to go take care of business. This woman was exhausted (and I am certain Randy and Jamie were too). I felt for her so much. But next thing you know, she’s back and has words for me that left me completely speechless – and you all know how hard that is. She let me know that they were going to give me something totally unexpected and completely amazing to me. I was in awe and have to tell the world that NOTHING like that has ever happened to me before – EVER! I’ve always been happy to be on the giving end that receiving something like this is just unbelievable. I don’t know how to thank all of them for their kindness and generosity. I know this would not have occurred had I not decided it was time for me to stretch. These wonderful folks, exhausted and ready to go home still took care of one of their folks. What does that tell you about the phenomenal radio station in San Antonio – music from magnificent people! Thank you all! I am so honored just to be able to know you and be a part of the radiothon!

I have to tell you the two other wonderful things that happened to me this week as well. One of the folks I work with has a windbreaker that he was bragging about so I have been harassing him about giving me his for weeks now (his would be way too big anyway). The other day he came to my office and gave me one that fits perfectly. Completely out of the blue and not really solicited (unless harassment is considered solicitation). I was dumbfounded then too. What a surprise! And what a kind gesture. He is my secret (or not so secret) Santa.

And just as touching was a card I received from one of the guys I work with – it was written on an index card inside of his family’s Christmas card and the words he wrote mean more to me than any I’ve read in a very very long time. I’m really a big softy inside even if the outside is like a curmudgeon :-). I felt very blessed to be working with him and was so grateful that he wrote that to me.

Can you see what an amazing week I’ve had. When you give, you definitely get back many times over from the Universe. I’m still flying high today and wish I could so something for Randy, Jamie and Bree (and even Spoon!). My prayer to the Universe is to watch over them and care for them and their families and bless them with all they deserve.

Try stretching – it’s NOT just for exercising. It’s a way of life!



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