What Are You Learning From This Election Year?

Election Day Presidential Vote I don’t know about you but I do not like election years (which is actually 1 1/2 to 2 years). Have you ever thought about what all this debate and jab-and-punch rhetoric and digging into people’s pasts really means to you. Remember that unless we specifically guard against things we are susceptible to vibrations, thoughts and emotions being lobbied all around us.

It’s difficult, although not impossible, to maintain a positive, kind and gratitude filled demeanor when everywhere we turn there are “verbal snipers” lurking and pouncing. You cannot read the news, watch TV or listen to the radio without hearing about how one candidate has attacked the other.

What does this say about our country and its values? What does it say about the people we let run for office? What does it say about us? Remember there is a Mind Consciousness of any group of people and Americans certainly are a group with a mind consciousness.

I smile when I think of the phrase “Can’t we all just get along here?”

But then I frown when I realize the answer probably is “no”.

Politics reflects our daily life. How do you view your life in relation to these daily events? Can you see any similarities in your life? Does viewing the outside world give you any ideas of what you might want to change in your internal world? Think about it.


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