7 Aspects – Love (continued)

I use this for an affirmation frequently. “I release and let go of all people who have completed their part in my divine plan.” This is always done with great harmony.

If you try to hold onto someone when it’s time for that separation, it’s traumatic. People will find a reason to leave. If they are not feeling comfortable, that’s when you need to begin to say, “I let go of all people who have completed their part of my divine plan,” then add, “with ease and comfort.”

This does not mean that people are leaving your life for good. It means you need a little space so each person can grow at their own speed. Maybe six months later they’ll come back in and say, “Where have you been? I’ve missed you.” Both of you will have changed enough that you can come back together, and it will be peaceful and harmonious.

As long as we are trying to hold onto somebody, it’s a control issue. We cannot control other people’s thoughts, feelings, attitudes and emotions. We have to let them go in order for them to grow to that space where we mesh again.

This is what love does. That loving nature begins to feel discomfort-able. I don’t know if that’s a word or not. I just made up a good word. Discomfort is a feeling that something needs to be let go. It’s not letting it go forever. It’s letting it go to allow for personal growth in each division, both in you and the other person.

It’s like moving out of kindergarten and going into the first grade. Sometimes you have to let all of those kindergarteners go at the same time because they live in different parts of the city. They come together again maybe in junior high or the second or third grade when things stabilize again. The Law of Attraction will work.

When we have love in our hearts, and we make up our minds not that we are going to be giving of love but that we are love, we have no problem giving it.

We think of love as something where we’re turned upside down because it’s a partner coming into our life that we can idolize. We can hold him up and put him on a pedestal. What happens when they fall? We’re heartbroken.

We don’t want that kind of relationship. Love is when you attract likeminded people who are on the same wavelength. Love is gentle and kind.

This is a Mother’s Day story, but I’ll tell it now. Many years ago, I was in a grocery store just before Mother’s Day. I was going to be talking about love. I kept thinking, “What example can I use to explain family togetherness so people understand that family love has to be first?” I believe that the first responsibility that God has given us may be our spouse or children. It’s in the family idea.

The grocery store was very crowded that day. I heard a little boy crying somewhere up in the front. He was yelling, “Mommy!” at the top of his voice. A few people went to him, and he wouldn’t talk to them or have anything to do with them.

His mother didn’t answer him for a few minutes. She was way away. He stopped, held his little head up and said, “Beautiful lady!” There was no answer. “Beautiful lady!” There was no answer. “Beautiful lady!” This woman came running and picked him up.

Who taught him that? His dad. Isn’t that a perfect projection of love? A little 2 or 3-year-old knew he could get his mother with words like that. She would recognize his voice. This is the kind of image that we want to give to our families.


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