Bless Yourself Through Blessing Others

Bless Yourself Through Blessing Others

We often teach the people in our lives to depend upon us.

Our insecurity does this as means to manipulate others.

It gives us a false sense of power. We are here to have a WE experience, to help and bless others, but we cannot do this by teaching them to be leaners rather than givers.

Love does not teach leaning. It teaches living out of one’s Self.

It is said that he who travels alone travels the fastest. This is true. However, this does not mean that in order to go further in life we must eliminate people.

What this really means is that in order to go further we must live out of our own Self.

We must make the demand upon this Self, not upon others.

Others willingly give us all the advice we seek, but what we need is our own answer, not theirs.

We must let our inner kingdom take care of the details.

As we are Self-aware, Self-assertive, and Self-accepting, we teach all in our experience what we are all about.

When we make the demand upon our own Self, we are fearlessly facing life. We are not afraid of anything or anyone.

Those who are afraid of what is “out there,” because of what might or might not happen, are living in a prison of the shadows of their mind.

They do not realize that the world is always to them what they are to themselves.

Others always react to our own action. Yes, our reaction can be said to be an action, but it is the action of not being in charge. It is the action of not daring to be one’s Self.

When we choose to think for ourselves and demand to be our own Self in action, Mind attracts to us whatever represents this Self-acceptance in action. It cannot do otherwise.

In order to go beyond where we are right now, we must contemplate our Self in new and larger ways.

When we are Self-aware and simply observe unfoldment taking place, we are always living enthusiastically and are giving the highest of our Self to all that we do. It is an acknowledgment that we are already complete.

Reading books, listening to or watching tapes, going to lectures, are all fine. They play a part.

But the ideas we get from them must become a way of life. We are only as good as the ideas we are living right now. We have the responsibility of choosing ideas of greatness, those ideas that will take us above and beyond where we are right now in life.

Our good comes through what we ourselves are expressing, even though there are people involved.

The kingdom of God is within and when we are giving out of this abundance, the law of our Self attracts into our life the forms of that expression. Our Self is already complete.

Dr. Tom Johnson

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