Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1“When you are in vibrational harmony, your body produces whatever it needs to remain in perfect balance.” ~Abraham [Excerpted from the workshop: Boston, MA on October 20, 1996]

Have you ever noticed how when you’re really psyched up and working feverishly on a project you love that you don’t feel the sleep deprivation you would at other times? That you can go hours and sometimes even days without eating? Your body continues to function perfectly without you having to spend a great deal of time attending to it. That is the beauty of the human body – it’s automatic functioning. How can anyone doubt the existence of a Divine Presence if you just look at the human body? But I digress.

When your vibrations are high and you’re feeling great, your body will use whatever resources it needs to keep it functioning the way you need it to. Everything is in balance – your emotions (feelings), your vibrations AND your body. This is true harmony.

It benefits you to do everything you can to be in the highest possible vibrational state. Call on those Kodak moments you’ve been storing whenever you want to get higher – not on drugs but on the elixir of life.  Remember that you can “feel” as much joy and happiness as you want just by visualizing whatever it is you want. Try it. I know for a fact that whenever I am visualizing and thinking about my multiday races, I can get into such a state of happiness and joy that it’s almost better to be there than to go through the actual event 🙂

Think back to a time in your life when your body seemed to behave perfectly. I’ll give you a recent example. Normally I have digestive problems with certain types of foods. A few weeks ago I went to the San Antonio Rodeo to see Reba McIntyre.  I had “won” this as a result of my participation in the KJ97 St Jude Children’s Research Hospital Radiothon. I was excited and I knew that this was a gift of love.

When I entered the arena I turned to the first place where you could get a choice of food (not the fast food at the usual vendors). If I had taken more time I would have eventually seen that there were fajitas on the menu but they were buried. I chose a Taco Salad with chicken and although I was worried about my reaction to the food (at times I don’t do well with this), I vowed to just eat my meal with love and joy. I noted that the women who created the food were doing so with love, not the usual “hurry up and get through the line” attitude. They were friendly, engaged in conversation and obviously cared about the food they were preparing.

I took my time eating it and savoring the salad. I watched the wonderful people walking around and just had a blast. Amazingly I had absolutely NO problems with the food – either that night or even the next day. That was because my body and soul were in vibrational harmony! My body did everything it needed to do to make sure I continued to enjoy the food and therefore the evening. The higher vibration allowed me to enjoy every single part of the night without having to worry about anything!

Do everything you can to get yourself into the highest possible vibrational state and see how your body reacts!



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