“Why Can’t I Make The Law of Attraction Work?”

We get this question frequently. In fact it is one of the most common seen on the Internet since the release of “The Secret”.

Today is the launch of “The Art of Making Things Happen”! I am so proud of this “home study guide” in metaphysics!

You’ll find answers like this and more tips, tricks and guidelines in this product. It teaches you how to make goals the proper way (and why most goal setting programs don’t work), how you’ve been creating the life you have instead of the life you want, how to identify and clear your limiting beliefs and much, much more.

But let’s get back to our question…and, of course, the answer.

Question: “I can’t seem to make the Law of Attraction work. What is wrong with me?”

Answer: Nothing is wrong with you. When we first begin to understand the spiritual laws, we realize we have to align our belief systems, our opinions, our thoughts and our words.

That means a lot of self discipline to keep everything in a positive mode.

That is really a simplification of what amounts to a 24 hour a day awareness.

The Law of Attraction is only the beginning of becoming more aware of who you really are and what you really want in life When combining the law of Attraction with the Law of Gratitude and the Law of Giving, it works much faster. It also helps to use Denials first to eliminate the negative thoughts, fears or expectations we have been conditioned to believe since birth.

We recommend you begin a study of events in order to determine what some of our limiting beliefs are and remove them all. A simple denial like “I don’t choose to believe that anymore” will help tremendously to eliminate self restricting thoughts.

Follow that denial by affirming “I choose to believe that all things are possible and easy to achieve and I expect the good that is even now on it’s way to me.”

You are in the process of programming your subconscious mind to receive the choices you make instead of what “happens”. It’s about planning and choosing. You can make it happen quickly and easily. But you must ask, seek, knock and believe you have the good you desire.

How could you possibly pass up on “The Art of Making Things Happen” when you see the kind of information it contains?

I’d hurry though because this will go fast simply because of our special offer. If you are one of the first 50 to purchase “The Art of Making Things Happen”,

You’ll be able to participate in a question and answer teleseminar with Dr. Kunath and myself (and if you can’t make the live call then you’ll have access to the replay). You can submit the questions ahead of time or ask them on the call itself.

You can’t pass up on this opportunity, can you? It’s not often that Dr. Kunath answers individual questions on a live call!


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