Momentum Monday


Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning… What are you planning?

“What are you planning” asks Abraham.  And Abraham means “what are you thinking about?” Are you contemplating success and prosperity and health? Or, are you thinking about debt, illness and failure? What are the predominant thoughts going through your head?

Take this week to pay strict attention to what is going in and out of your mind. Even if they are fleeting thoughts, record them. Make a list of general thought patterns such as “prosperity”, “success”, “happiness”, “love”, “peace of mind”, “worthiness”, “health (NOT healing but “health”) and what other topics you normally think about. Then make two columns and give the columns opposite names. As an alternative you could list the opposites further on down the list but then you’re more inclined to think about them. Try something like “yes” for one column and “opposite” for the name of the other column. I’m sure you can come up with something that will meet your needs.

Throughout the day put a tick mark on the paper as you have a thought in each of the categories – put the tick mark in the column that corresponds to the type of thought you had. You may have to make a lot of ticks to keep up with all the thoughts you have during the day but try to record as many as you can. Be honest about it. Don’t just “remember” to do it when you’re having a good thought. Record them all if you can. The goal of this practice is to see what patterns you have.

At the end of each day, count up the tick marks and see what has happened during your day. Were you mostly positive or did you stray over to the less than positive side more? No one is going to see this but you so be honest and make a proper assessment at the end of the day. Then decide what direction you want the next day to go in. Once you’ve tried this, you’ll be more conscious of your thoughts and will most likely find yourself catching your thoughts in the middle of the day and even changing them. It’s ok if you have to put a tick mark down in order for you to make the change because the whole point is to ultimately have the majority of the marks in the direction/column you want.

Remember what we started off with – you are planning events when you think things so make sure these are events you want to attend and even ones you want to invite other people to!

Try this simple exercise and let me know if it helps you be aware of your thoughts. Then move on to how you feel when you have these thoughts. That would be the next step. Do you have anxiety, do you smile, do you enjoy what you’re doing more, etc. Record your feelings after you’ve gotten the hang of this!


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