Quickie Wheels of Fortune

Quickie Wheels of Fortune

You can make these for periods of a month at a time. Put pictures and phrases for things that you need for that period of time. When you expect immediate results your mind will go to work for you much faster to produce and immediate result. Sometimes if you make wheels of fortune for longer periods, your imagination may not be sufficiently stimulated to do much about it.

The point behind these wheels of fortune is to turn the current of your thought and expectation from “I can’t have” to “I can have”; change it from despair to hope, from discouragement to encouragement; from failure to success.

You’re going to be using all these techniques and they will complement each other to bring you success as soon as you have convinced your thinking (your subconscious) that you can and will have it!

If you are not free to make a large wheel of fortune to help you change your mental images, perhaps you can make a notebook. In the notebook you’ll put pictures you cut from magazines of the good you desire. Also put catchy phrases you can clip from the paper or magazines (or even off the Internet).

Then when you have a lull in your day, you can take out the book and browse through it. This will keep your imaging power uplifted, expectant, and at work for her highest good.

No one around you will be aware of what you’re doing and it can keep you from being discouraged, depressed or doubtful. The one thing you really want to prevent is becoming doubtful. I use this affirmation “Nothing and no one can interfere with the achievement of my goals, my prosperity and peace of mind, not even myself.” Last year that saved my bacon (as they say) in a way I have only told a few people – but in a miraculous way – one of the three top “miracles” that I have been blessed with in my life. So try it.


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