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year_crush_year_400_clr_17759I told you last week that I was going to concentrate on you preparing your life for 2016 pretty early. Of course, if you listen to the music in the stores now, it’s not too early (I couldn’t believe that the day after Halloween they had Christmas music on already – why couldn’t anyone create Thanksgiving music?).

There are various parts to preparing for the new year.

Today we’ll start with the inventory phase.

1) You should start listing all the things that went on in your life this past year. I like to do that periodically through the year but it’s definitely important now. You can make simple lists of what happened. You can elaborate as much or as little as you want. The point to this list is to help you remember what you experienced and this includes emotions and thoughts. Did one event seem to lead to another? Did you get “down” on yourself or even in yourself because of one or more events? What did you do to get out a funk if you were in one?  Eventually you’ll be using this list to figure out what you want to change for next year.

2) Once you’ve made your list, go back through it and simply put a plus or a minus by each item on the list. Plus means it was  a good experience. Minus means that it wasn’t as stellar as you would have liked. If right now you feel neutral about it, then you can put both a plus and a minus.

3) Go back through the list and see if any of the events led to the next (or another one down the list); kind of a domino effect. If they did, draw a line to connect them. More importantly see if the plus/minus designation is the same for both.

4) If the plus/minuses are the same can you remember what thoughts and emotions you had during these times? This is important because you want to see if there is any connection in your vibrations or if you were successful in recognizing that you needed to change your thinking and then you did so.

5) Can you recognize any patterns? Where there repeated successes? Failures? Illnesses? Injuries?

6) Take another piece of paper and write down the themes you see.

7) Once you have the themes listed, determine if they are patterns you are happy with or not. Mark them on the sheet or put the ones you’re happy with on one side and those you’re not happy with on the other side.

8)Read the lists over again and determine what you want to change; or, what you want to have more of next year.

9) Go through each of the themes and see if you can identify your beliefs (limiting or not) that worked to bring these events into existence or at least what beliefs affected the outcome.

10) How did the Law of Attraction come into play with these events?

Keep reviewing this list for a few days before we go on to phase 2.

Go ahead and get started. Hopefully you’re like me and write everything down on a calendar that you can use for reference.




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